Penalty info and Bo Levi Mitchell

For those who are interested, I have just finished posting the top 159 penalty takers, or everyone with four or more. Some interesting info for a stats geek like me. Check it out here:

Also, for those fans of the CFL and not just the Riders, we have a 90 minute interview with Bo Levi Mitchell on our radio show.

Thanks and NEAT.

It would be interesting if they were categorized as that could help identify those whose play is inappropriate (the nicest way I could think of to say "dirty"), as offside and no yards are very different behaviour than roughing and unsportsmanlike penalties. Prorating by the number of games played would also help show what the "full season" situation would be.

based on this, no way should willis be the west nominee for defensive player


...unless I simply don't recall, I cannot remember any of Willis's penalties being dirty or un-gentleman like, which tells me that his penalty count means he plays on the edge of defensive aggression, which is EXACTLY where you need him to be...

yeah, but how effective would he be if he stayed within the rules.

no way the number one penalty getter deserves any award. He is a prime example of whats been wrong with the players and the games this year.

I tend to agree. A coach once told me there’s two kinds of penalties, ones that happen in the heat of the game like offside, holding, no yards and they’re avoidable but they’re not. The penalties that get coaches crazy are the completely avoidable infractions like UR and OC…they’re usually selfish plays that do nothing but cost yardage…would be interesting to know what percentage of the penalty list are those “cheapies”…

And even if they are predominantly offsides, it shows a pattern that makes one wonder how many were not called on plays that piled up his states.

First off, offsides hurt a team. How many times have you seen an interception called back because of an offside or a magnificant goal line stand be wiped out because of a d-lineman went offside. All penalties hurt their team. There is no doubt that a player trying to push himself as hard as he can is going to step over the edge once in a while. The other d-ends in the league take far fewer penalties. Jon Chick has 6 penalties. Bazzie in BC has 4. Shawn Lemon in Calgary has 4.

What is the breakdown of penalties for Willis? I can tell you.

Roughing/Facemask: 7 times
Objectional Conduct: 2
Offside: 7
Illegal Contact: 1

I'd argue that the 17 penalties hurts his team more than the 13 sacks helps them.

Well. The most penalized team in the NFL is less penalized than the least penalized team in the CFL.. Just a quick guess looking at these numbers would say that Cfl teams average 90 yards a game and NFL teams average just over 50.

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Agreed. And more than half his penalties are “dirty”. That should be a consideration in the awards voting.