Penalty for violating salary cap!

How about this:

If Ottawa comes back in next year, the penalty to team(s) violating the salary cap, would be a free pick (No restrictions) for any player off the violating team? The penalty would be above the normal draft to re-stock the team.


With the roughys picks yesterday the gades jut might get KJ back :lol:

The gades coming back is a mighty big IF, but any Ottawa team would have to start from scratch --- again.

Oh, I know the Ottawa comming back is an "if". But think of the salary cap penalty....Would Commisioner Campbell approve??? :wink:

...Campbell ...///???? Tom gone already...Sport ..don't say things like that.. :roll:

All tongue & Cheek Papa, Commisioner Campbellā€™s been running the league for decades! :wink: