Penalty for embellishment

During the BC/Calgary game, the Stamps had to waste a challenge after the BC punter took a dive, (Long has done that several times this season). One of the announcers came up with a very good suggestion that when proven to have taken a dive, the offending team should be penalized 15 yards. I totally agree. In fact I would take it one step further and suggest that not only should there be a 15 yard penalty for embellishment but that the other team not be charged for the challenge.

This garbage has no place in the CFL.

I’ll go one better.

Receiving team has the option: 15 yard penalty, or next punt the faker does not enjoy the protection of the roughing/contacting the kicker rule.

Since he makes a mockery of the rule (which is, after all, in place to protect him), he surely cannot complain if it is temporarily suspended.

I agree. Embellishment is a penalty in hockey. It should also be a penalty in the CFL.


Agree that this sort of soccer drama calls for a 15 yard penalty. Or perhaps the play commences at the point of foul.

Ty Long’s act really pissed me off. I hope he hangs his head in shame but as another poster already pointed out he’s done this before.

After Long’s couple of dives earlier in the season, there were a few times that a thought a roughing the kicker was warranted, but the ref did not throw a flag.

I sure the refs remember when they have been made to look like a fool by a player (not to be confused with when a ref makes a fool of himself) and will use their discretion in not calling a penalty.

Long may be hurting his team more than helping.

I’ll go against the grain here and say that I don’t think it should be a penalty to “embellish” like Long did. While I absolutely hate these kind of theatrics and think Long deserves a quick slap in the face, the fact is that players do sometimes get hurt without there being any contact from another player. I would not want to see a team have to march back 15 yards because a kicker landed awkwardly and actually hurt themselves without any contact, and I don’t think it’s really up to the refs or the command centre to judge anything other than “did the player get contacted”.

I do, however, think that this and other major infractions that are obviously missed by the refs are things that should be overturned without a coach having to burn their challenge.

There is a call for this. It’s covered under Unsportsmanlike Conduct?, although it’s rarely called…but it is there.

Far more receivers sell the PI then a few kickers … if it’s reviewable you then all embellished acts should be ——

Was it Long who did the same thing to Ottawa? I remember the RBs having to waste their challenge on a bogus roughing the kicker penalty.

Agreed it should be a penalty. Same should apply to all embellishment. QBs that flop for the roughing the passer call, receivers who beg for flags...

But , but he’s B.C’s MOP ;D ???

they can, have, and should call moreObjectionable Conduct penalties for this.

Dave Dickenson was on the radio today saying he sent in a formal complaint to the league regarding Ty Long’s actions and that Long had lost his all-star vote. Hopefully others follow suit. This isn’t soccer.

NOW that is well said. If you punish the kicker, which i totally disagree with then you punish recievers who cry on every play, which I agree with. And whats with this stupid MIC ON feature or sorry lack of feature. Players yelling gerbil. That should be a 25 yard penalty Mr Randy.

25 yards for yelling gerbil? Seems rather steep to me.

Now, if they yelled guinea pig, that would be another matter altogether.

Are receivers flopping to the ground without being touched?

At first glance I thought this topic was about Stampedecity being disciplined for the opening post on the “Because we are the friggin Stampeders” topic.

Yes!!!!!!!! Every play!! Certain contact is allowed. Quit crying on every second play.
embellishment once or twice a game.

25 yards for yelling gerbil? Seems rather steep to me.

Now, if they yelled guinea pig, that would be another matter altogether.

Thanks love it. Just a saying. Not liked in any sports, that yells at referees.
They never do that in tennis or WFC, do they. Cheers

There is a big difference between flopping to the ground pretending you were hit illegally and saying hey ref, that was pass interference. But with that said…If you do the flag throwing motion, you are penalized

But if you think they should be penalized for “Crying” PI then they should also be flagged for signaling incomplete, or complete or TD or first down or a fumble recovery or facemasking or holding or pointing to the opposing line claiming they moved first

Sorry no…asking for a PI flag is no where near to FAKING being roughed up