Penalty for challenge abuse

Anyone just hear the announcers mention this? Apparently if coaches toss out the challenge flag on a play that isn't challengeable, they're going to get a penalty.

I kind of like it.

another eskie assisted td by the officials with a brutal roughing call. We mentioned about the challenge abuse 3 weeks ago.

BTW this is footbal that wasnt roughing; unless you are INEPT CFL REF- here we go again…anyone notice how fast the whistles have been going in this game?

Tackling by the neck is unnecessary and rough...good call.

gimme a break that was clean look how he took him down. Go over to the NFL Preseason game and watch the redskins player tackle the qb with no helmet-- this is football not soccer.

PS here comes the flagfest again

The CBC has shown a commercial free 3rd quarter! :smiley:

hmm i just rewound my dvr and counted 3 sets-- pretty good for them.

Yes, and that last 7 or so minutes were completely free of them.

There were many changes of possession where I expected them to go to break but they just kept on showing football! :thup:

I like that idea of a penalty for misusing the challenge flag :wink: its not use as a flag to call over the ref when u get mad or need a cheap time out :cowboy:

Completely agree, Big Green.

saw wally do that against Calary and got the next 4 big calls. it would be nice so it isnt abused call a 15 year unsportsmanlike

anyone notice edmonton tackles with the crown of their helmets?

Trey, what gives? Six posts and only one was on topic. :expressionless:

2 were-- lol

Like I said their best offense wears stripes.

Don't you think the refs already are to much in the game?

I agree that something must be done but the refs have already been wrong once this year as to what is and what is not challengeable

no not really :stuck_out_tongue: if it gets out of hand, the game will go on longer if u just throw the flag anytime u feel like it. :cowboy:

This is true. But I think it only happened that one time against Calgary, didn't it?

As far as I know yes but can you imagine getting a penalty for challenging a call and the ref wrongly disallows it.