Penalty flags in the Super Bowl

What was there? Maybe 6 all game. the CFL would have had 25 by half time. You can probably find a reason to throw a flag on every play if you want to, there was certainly a few more they cold have thrown but they didn't. How refreshing.

In a game of this nature, calls have to be earned.

Although they did miss that facemask on that Cinci touchdown play to start the third quarter.

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NFL is far superior when it comes to reffing.


Like that missed PI call in NOLA between two officials looking directly at the play?


We can do this all day with both leagues. The point is there's 15 or so games every week and crazy egregious calls are going to happen.

The CFL loses the feel for the game and just goes flag happy.

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That I can agree with from time to time.

Neither league is perfect. The NFL gets noticed as it can decide a result.

The CFL being flag happy is at least consistent (will leave it to yourself to decide which way)

Imagine if the CFL in its current officiating state had 10 games a week?

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The horror :scream:

But there have been numerous incidents of bad officiating like the Fail Mary, Dez Catch/No Catch, etc. The NFL is a billion dollar industry and the can't get it right


Well the fail Mary came with replacement officials... So can't count that one.

There's always going to be missed calls. The point is the number of flags.

Fail Mary counts because the temporary officials were employed by the NFL when it didn't want to pay the regular officials they true worth. Over several billion dollars swung from one side of the gambling line to the other for the NFL's cheapness. It can't be discounted. NFL officials still aren't full time employees of the NFL with the Billions it received from it's lucrative TV contracts by all three major TV Networks.

Challenge flags were used in the Dez Catch/No Catch. Flags were used nonetheless.


"Over several billion dollars" was not bet on a random Sunday night game.

But I digress.

The CFL throws more flags. It's a known fact.

On Super Bowl Sunday it is and people bet more on playoff football than a regular season game.
The NFL has the financial resources to correct official mistakes than the limited means the CFL has. But chooses not to. The CFL does a better job in their officiating than the NFL


Considering the differences in financial resources as you say, CFL wins out big time on this comparison, absolutely.


Don't agree but cool.

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Where can we find this fact? I've seen a lot of excessive flag throwing in both leagues at times but don't have any stats. As an avid viewer of both leagues I have never noticed a difference in flags, blown calls, bad coaching, dropped balls, etc. There are a heck of a lot of bloopers in both

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The last time I did the analysis the NFL averaged about 13 penalties per game.

The CFL data I got off of this site. It showed an average for about 5 years up to 2018. (Right to left is 2014 to 2018)

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Cool, thank you

The CFL has got it down a bit, probably closer to 16-17, but the NFL is now closer to 11-12

'No yards' shouldn't count though. It's a necessity with no free catch. Bet that evens it up pretty good.