Penalty Flags in the CFL

I'm getting old and forgetful so I ask a dumb question because I'm not sure how to get and answer? The question is simple and maybe I just don't know the answer.
But didn't the Penalty Flags at one time were Red and now Yellow? Did the Head Linesman or Referee wear a Black hat and the others wore a white hat during games?
This is a simple question to the majority, but to me I can't remember and just would like to know! Thanks for your help!!

I think you're right. Something changed over the years.

You might also remember that a kid would run out onto the field and hold up a little flag to signal that it was time for a 'Commercial Break'.

A quick check tells me that the hat colours were indeed reversed on the officials until the 2019 season. It was apparently changed to get in line with the colour hat worn by the officials in the US. The flag colour also changed to yellow, I am guessing for the same reason. I personally like the yellow better and it is more visible.

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I am old enough to remember a book by Scott Young with CFL stories that mocked the frequent CBC cut-aways to a "dramatic shot of the official holding the three-minute warning flag".

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The timekeeper.... They used to be just off the south end of the home bench in Edmonton. (Dad's season tickets were right behind the timekeeper) Back in the day they used a starter pistol at the end of the half and the game.
Also used to have a flag they held up for the last three minutes of the game - if I remember right. Back when Ray Jauch was coaching here with Wilkie at QB those three minutes could last as long as the whole half before it........or they would toss it to Highbaugh to run around for a minute or two and burn off the clock if we were leading.....

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I think the yellow penalty flag was new this year. I noticed it immediately in the first game I saw this year.