Penalty explanation after timeouts

There is a definite lack of communication by officials to explain a penalty which occured just before a television timeout. This situation has happened many times when watching or attending a game. A flag has been thrown - timeout is called - play is whistled back in but no explanation given about the infraction. Why?

They explain the call on the field. The broadcast is in commercial when they announce the call.

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Thanks for your message. However, we are season ticket holders in Ottawa and this situation has happened with no announcement by the head official of the infraction on, at least, two occasions.

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If its during a TV timeout, stadiums usually have some in house promotion going on where they are talking through the PA. This may override what the ref is saying. I now it happens in Hamilton from time to time. I usually keep an eye on the refs hand signal to see what the penalty was. You don't get the player number, but at least you know what the penalty is.

As for TSN, it drives me nuts when there's a penalty before the break and when the come back they don't mention it at all.

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