Penalty Calls

Looks like Tom Vallesiwas wearing his tight underwear again. Penalty calls against Hamilton was atrocious, but yet we still WON. Consider retiring Tom.

Go Cats Go

It wasn’t Vallesi that made the bad calls, it was members of his crew, and he has to enforce it. Caught the game live and on TV after, and the TV did not show the big picture. Wilder was out of control and the instigator and may have knocked over a ref, albeit not intentionally. SJ Green threw punches and got off easy. Wilder looked like he threw punches also. Must admit, that both at the game and watching the replay, I did not see what Adeleke and Frankie are alleged to have done. The “eye in the sky” would have caught it and I suspect some Argos may get suspended or fined. Even #10 Edwards threw a punch late. Then there was the missed head shot when Bralon was down, Simoni lost 2 games for that.

One would think that the eye in the sky aka CFL command should get involved with ejections are involved or multi player scrums, because it tilted the game substantially to the Argos by ejecting 2 starting DBS. One would hope that upon review on Tuesday, the errors will be corrected, but then again, TSN and the Argos have the same owner, so do not expect Team TSN to be punished.

There may be an apology to some TiCats for their having been thrown out wrongly, but we can and probably should start a thread on all of the reffing issues over the last few years that have resulted in the Cats being burned and losing games, only to get an " I am sorry" from the CFL on behalf of the refs.

This great CFL game suffered a black eye due to some members of Vallesi’s crew today. If the Commish wants accountability, start with the refs and deal with it, publicly.

They spent close to 3 minutes talking it over with the eye in the sky before they came to the decision on the penalties. Davis even had time for a little nap. Green and Williams were scrapping why Williams got the extra I don’t know. Adeleke tried to grab someone in the scrum and bumped a ref. Didn’t look like enough for a disqualification. Still can’t figure why Wilder and the other guy that grabbed Lawrence’s face mask didn’t get anything.

Where was the magic genie at command centre that triggers the “upon review” after the RTP non calls on Evans, the text book leading with the helmet hit on Addison and Edwards punching Beverette non calls ?

Player safety is the new mission or it isn’t.

There wasn’t anything that I saw that in the scrum that looked like the Cats were instigators or aggressors. If anything Wilder was the aggressive participant. No way he shouldn’t have had an offsetting penalty.

I was shocked when we had 25 yards in penalties and 2 ejections to nothing for the Argos.
So I guess according to the refs calls what Wilder did is perfectly fine…WOW

Toronto did get 2 penalties for 10 and 15 yards but I think Green got both of them. They don’t show up in the play by play for some reason. We got 2 for 25 yards each and ejections.

Sounds like refs and command centre missed a blatant illegal hit on Bombers Chad Rempel.

The whole command center thing is a mystery to me. All scoring plays are supposed to be reviewed by the command center, but yesterday they reversed the call on a coach’s challenge. Most coaches wouldn’t even challenge a scoring play thinking it was all ready reviewed.
Agree or disagree with the calls it would be nice to have consistency

I believe the automatic review is for only if there was a score or not. I don’t think they look for penalties unless there is a challenge.

But I could be wrong.

From my perspective on the east side, I could plainly see that Wilder was completely out of control. But after just looking at the video, Wilder began the whole incident by continuing his block/hold on Simoni well after the whistle, pinning Simoni to the turf and not allowing him to get up.
Then as the video continues Vallesi (#60 right) is pulling Wilder back to his bench, when Wilder’s right arm swings backwards putting Vallesi on his rear end. That’s ‘Abuse of an Official’ right there for everybody to see on
If there’s anybody in the country who has video evidence of Tunde’s or Frankie’s (or whoever’s) abuse of an official, please send it to me.

You are correct.

I disagree. Vallesi falls on his own.

It’s hard to believe after all these years of the command centre tha5 it’s gotten worse. Have they not heard of “continuous improvement “?

I’d be happy if they paid substantial bonuses to officials (including command centre) who are fully competent. Publicly publish an “officials? scoring system each week. How about publishing an official “this is why the command centre called it this way?. Ie. why was our touchdown catch after review and then challenged by TO, then deemed offensive interference and not just the hand play by BOTH players, called this way?

I don’t know if things would improve. Maybe it would show that there are only a few suspect officials. Or show they are all great and it’s us fans who are always wrong.

Was he drunk?

3DN linked to some random dude on Twitter who posted a GIF. You can see a Ticat pushing a ref but it’s hard to make out the number. Presumably the ref had a clearer view and decided that it was Adeleke. I also presume that many Ticat fans will dispute this despite the video evidence.

I think the real question is. Did what he do in that mass of moving humanity rate a disqualification?
With the amount of time they spent discussing it with the command center I wouldn’t doubt he did something. He is mostly on the outside looking in so what was his intent. If he was really trying to get to the official he gave up pretty quick. In the end it’s just a footnote in a game that showed lots of team character.

Simoni embarrassed the league and the Commissioner in the first game, and followed it up by appealing. I don’t imagine he will be getting any sympathy from either for the rest of this season. Maybe not fair, but maybe that’s life.

Okay, I’ve got to admit, it is Adeleke who seems to push passed an Argo with his right hand against an official’s left shoulder. But you’re right to ‘presume’ that I’m going to say that Tunde just missed his intended target; the Argo. Still not a valid excuse.

Not valid indeed.

“I swear I didn’t mean to punch you Officer - I meant to punch the guy beside you. So, do I get to go now?”

Best advice to avoid getting ejected: don’t punch anyone, and never touch the officials. (Pinning your opponents on the ground after the play is apparently OK though.)

Never mind the BS that went on with the officials yesterday. The most mysterious non-call of the year occurred last week in B.C. when Shawn Lemon gave Dane Evans a vicious and dangerous helmet-to-helmet head shot. No penalties, no fines, no suspensions, no explanations, no nuthin’ from the CFL regarding this matter.