Unbelievable Undisciplined football.
I for one am getting really tired of the Rider players taking these ridiculous win-killing penalties.
COX give your head a :cowboy:

…and Francis :x

Very undisciplined play today. Yes they got jobbed a few times very blatently ( like 2 bombers running out of bounds on a kick and returning to play the ball without being flagged ... right in front of the ref ... Riders got flagged on it instead lol ).

Well coached teams play through it when they are getting crapped on. Several times I saw Rider players getting up looking for the call ( it should have been ) instead of staying in the play. Play as if you never get the call - play with your head on straight and stop letting the officiating get under your skin. The Riders remind me alot of the 2011 Canucks. They let the poor officiating get under the skin and become a penalty taking machine as they let their frustrations out. This team needs to suck it up and let it go - these penalties are killing any momentum they get

The difference from last years team to this one is, last year our d sucked, this year the whole team sucks, They start off looking like they got this, and then just start blowing it, DD has little protection, it’s just bad… oh and Jones can go F**k himself. we lost great players to make room for his cheap crap players, this team is going backwards not ahead, Cox has been a bright spot but today… wow, and why is Chambers and Lawrence still here. Both suck. oh and to those who said Dressler was not in the top 5 receivers, man he played great today, just like always… oh and our D line… man can they ever sack QB’s :roll: , Looks like we need a lot of better players come the off season cuz this one is more than just a bust.

On a side note, Naaman man can he catch!!

So many bad things, so little time to post them all so I will go with the highlight moments of mistakes.

  1. First drive at the one, pull Durant and put in Gale, immediately get a procedure penalty and Gale wasn't going to score anyways. Have to put Durant back in for second down and 6, failed passed and 3 points instead of 6. Jones or MacAdoo are 0-1

  2. Driving down the field in the second half and Holley holding the ball like a crystal vase. Gets stripped and Bombers go the other way and score. Still like Holley but man he needs to protect the ball far better.

  3. Here is the biggest one in my opinion. Putting the field goal team on from over 55 yards out with Bridge in instead of the regular holder and a brutal and very obvious fake situation. Hmm anyone think the Bombers were expecting them attempt a 56 or whatever field goal? Add again Bridge being in instead of the regular holder and this wouldn't make the Bombers suspicious? Nah what possibly could go wrong? Oh it is a total flop and so poorly executed it was doomed from the time they broke from the huddle. Again instant field position and of course Bombers get a field goal. Why would we not have punted and hope the defense got a two and out and good field position? The defense was actually doing a pretty good job up to that point. Heck if your going to try a fake how about using the regular field goal team to at least make it even look realistic instead of using another backup qb. How about better yet try a fake from a punt formation? I mean the smart thing would have been a punt so at least the Bombers may have bit on it, but a field goal? I just about cried when I saw that train wreck.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. You just gift wrapped the game for the Bombers and handed it to them on a silver platter. Thank you very much Jones or Mac, whichever Einstein that called that play. What a sorry excuse of coaching that was. Bad enough when the players lay an egg but when the coaches decide to get in the act too it just makes it ever so much better. I guess they wanted to get in the act too so it really was a complete team cluster ****. A bonding thing I guess.

pretty unreal that they got stuffed on the one like that....those issues seemed to be in the past.

The fake was one of the worst calls I have ever seen...especially after the previous one flamed so horribly...not sure what they were thinking...nobody was biting on that. Punting was probably the smart call, or keeping the O out and telling DD that if he saw anything to just take off. I could even understand a fake on a fact that may have been a really good call. The only way anyone is buying the FG is unless they believe an onside kick is going to come...playing your odds that would be stupid. At least on a punt it is a formation the Bombers would be expecting....56 yard way.

Holley's could see that coming...he was holding it all wrong. Hard to knock the effort because the shiftiness that some have been showing after the catch has been crazy impressive...especially Roosevelt....but he will live and learn from that one.

Again Again Again. At this time in the season The Riders still can't play disciplined football
Just BS....Fine these guys 1000's if they can't learn to play without PENALTIES on almost every play!!!! :cowboy:

how may penalties does the D-line have to take before they learn not lo line up offside ?
this is game 16 not game 1 in pre-season.

Yes absolutely sickening!!! :thdn:

the only thing the team was good at today, was taking stupid penalties!! Corky needs to get his head out of his ar*e and let some of his I think they will be good, go, like Francis, Chambers...and a few others. This team is still far from ready to go to a grey cup! On so many levels!