the first area the Riders have to start rebuilding is Discipline ,

We lead the league in penalties, 109 for 924 through 7 games or 15.5 for 132 per game, you don't win with penalties.

the last game alone we had 24 penalties ( new team record ) for 192yds, the offense for 9, D for 8, ST for 6 and 1 for the bench, I cant recall the last time I saw a bench penalty.

is it the players or coaching ? the new rule for pass interference did not affect the outcome of the last game as the penalties by the offense took away 2 touchdowns 14 points minimum, and we lost by 4.

if our coaching staff cant figure this out well ???

as for the players we have to put them on the shelf for a game or 2 and play the backups as this culture can't continue, or if their not good enough to play without taking penalties then its time to part ways,

start with the team leaders as this will make the most impact on the team by sitting them for a game, this may not be the most popular move but it is the most effective

Agree penalties are killing this team and has cost them at least two games and a qb. If they hadn't taken the penalty when Glenn got injured instead of being 2nd and 1 they had 2nd and 6. Glenn throws the pick and gets injured trying to prevent the td. Now sure its no one's fault that Glenn threw the pick and got hurt but realistically he wouldn't have been in a throwing down if not for a dumb penalty.

New rules or not other teams are not taking the amount of penalties we are and besides most of the penalties we are taking are not PI related anyways . Taking at least 4 td's off the boards in 7 games is just plain inexecusable. How many penalties have the O line taken just for hands to face? Hardly ever here it called on other teams but the Riders have been nailed for it at least 4 or 5 times.

If they can no or will not stop taking this amount of penalties then something certainly has to be done or it will never change.

I can tell you now, penalties are our downfall strait up. Best alone has cost us 2 TD's with dumb penalties, he is a seasoned vet and makes these dumb plays, not professional. He's not the only one....

if we had even half the amount of penalties as we do this season we might even have 2 or 3 in the win column