There has been some blaming of Higgins for the number of penalties on the ALS.

Here are the numbers. Least to most

1.Calgary: 108
2. Sask: 116
3. Winnipeg: 120
4. Ottawa: 123
5. Montreal: 132
6: Toronto and BC: 135
7: Edmonton: 137
8: Hamilton: 143

Myself, with the officiating this year. I don't hold Higgins responsible for that but it sure would be nice for him to get into Carter's grill when he takes a selfish penalty and kills a drive at midfield and puts us back on our 10 yard line. But he did the next best thing by not tossing him another ball for the rest of the game.

That list doesn't reflect yardage per infraction. A 15-yard dead-ball foul or RTP is very different from a 5-yard offside.

And your point?
Are you suggesting Montreal is giving up more yards than most?
Better do some homework and watch other games.
too easy.

There seems to be a theme here. Do you think some of us are being unfair towards Tom Higgins ?

I think some of you confuse facts with personal opinions.

Right :roll: Cause challenging a non reviewable penalty is not a fact :lol:

Étrange provocation. Il aurait été utile de l'articuler davantage, parce que présentement, ça n'a l'air que d'une provocation. Je demeure persuadé qu'il y a plus que ça en-dessous de cette iniative, mais il est difficile de voir quoi avec ces seules courtes lignes.

Pour ma part, comme partisan des Alouettes, je me fous pas mal de ce qui arrive aux autres équipes. Si elles écopent de trop de punitions aussi, c'est leur problème. L'endroit où les Alouettes se trouvent dans ce classement est sans signification. La question demeure : est-ce que les Alouettes pourraient écoper de moins de punitions coûteuses et évitables? La réponse est oui, hélas!

De mon côté, je m'attends à ce que les joueurs comprennent l'impact des punitions stupides et s'abstiennent d'en faire. Je ne m'attends pas à des parties parfaites, mais en ayant du jeu discipliné, on aide l'équipe. En se comportant de façon égoïste et indisciplinée, on nuit à l'équipe et on devrait s'attendre à ce que le joueur impliqué non seulement en paye le prix d'une façon ou d'une autre, mais également qu'il comprenne le message et modifie son comportement en fonction du bien de l'équipe. Carter est un cas à régler, comme Green l'a été jusqu'à tout récemment. Hebert aurait pu s'en passer de quelques unes aussi. Je ne vous remémorerai pas Shea Emry. Je suis cependant d'accord avec la remarque de HfxTC au sujet de Carter. C'était la bonne chose à faire, en espérant qu'il ait assez d'intelligence pour comprendre le message et réagir de la bonne façon.

Il y a une chose que j'ai remarquée, cependant. Lorsque c'est la gang de Bradbury qui arbitre la partie, les mouchoirs revolent vite pour sanctionner les Alouettes, et ce qui est toléré par eux pour les autres équipes dans d'autres parties ne l'est pas pour les Alouettes.

No question that was awkward.
Ironically I saw where Trestman did the same thing yesterday against the Packers. Penalty and loss of a timeout. Cost them big time in their loss.

Yeah saw that. Getting blown out by GB is never a good thing for a Bears coach.

Bears weren`t penalized, only lost a time out. Trestman gets a slight mulligan as he was never NFL director of officiating. And losing a timeout was the least of his problems yesterday.

Slant in a way I admire your contrarian stance on Higgins. But would you care though to rank the 9 CFL coaches and slot Higgins?

Higgins is also ST coordinator. So unlike most other teams, he has to have a higher share of penalty accountability, since a third of the total units is under his direct control.

That's true.

Also the officials have been throwing flags on ST like crazy. More than 50 percent of returns are negated by penalties. We wanted penalties to be called and they are obliging ! :lol:

True. With respect to penalties, it's only one part of the equation. Higgins has done (to me) a bunch of things wrong this year, including failing to get this team playing disciplined football. On its own, penalties wouldn't be a dealbreaker. But added up with the other stuff? Get this guy out of here the second the season's over.

I'm sure you'll get your wish.
But its not because of undisciplined play as the penalties show.
and we've already determined that ST are better than in the past 4 years.
and clearly the team has not imploded as could have happened given what he inherited. Anybody could have kept this gong show together.,
I know he didn't wear a headset in week one. Buono never wore one in 22 years.
He has blown some challenges. Yup.
he called Brink a journeyman. duh.
He benched Johnson
he never runs the ball. Whitaker is leading league.
he has a plethora of QB talent. Up against reigning CFL MOP. future HOF, best FA available. Piece of cake
GM as a friend or foe?
4 of 5
But I agree he will be canned.

Until his Foe GM brought in Shonert and Garcia, the team was about to implode. It was only then that there has been some improvement by the offense. Mind you against the last place Redblacks the offense could not score even one TD.

His Foe GM brought in Rogers who has helped improve slightly the ST. This is not Higgins.

Whitaker is leading the CFL yes. But if Cornish had been playing in all the games, fairly confident Whitaker would not be leading.

Five more games to.

In the last game alone, Sean Rouge cost the Als 100 yards with 2 rouges and an out-of-bounds kick-off. In a recent game, he graced us with 3 rouges. Combine that with the traditional holding during the return penalty, and it's a good thing teams change ends every quarter, or else the Molson stadium field surface near the Als' end zone would have to be replaced from wear.

The Als are getting better at ST? Really? C'mon, man!

ST improved this year because Pippin worked out in the offseason and because JIM POPP found a returner in James Rogers. Not sure what either of those two things has to do with Higgins. The stuff he can control -- penalties, blocking for punter and kick returner -- are just as poor as they ever were.

I do perceive improvement in ST's this season as James Rodgers has given us good returning strength this year ( not to mention his running and receiving skills). We have had poor returning for several years including Smith who has not demonstrated much this season. In addition Devon Carter was given a returning role this year and, has been effective especially with a 123 yard FG return. These two guys have improved the P/K return function. In addition Andrew Lue is now leading the pack in STT, followed by another newcomer in Venable along with the strength of Townsend and, we have a very good trio. Finally, Whyte has improved the length of his returns and, he is actually credited with 1 STT. He continues to lose yards re getting kicks into the coffin corner but. that happened last year also. Yes, some improvement in ST's.

Ideal...there is no value in doing a list. Its not so much that I think he's a great coach. I just feel that he has been mocked on here since the day he was hired. I believe that many on here are just following along with the herd and not looking at the facts. He can't win. The ST are better but its in spite of him. The team gets too many penalties and that's his fault. But the fact is they're middle of pack in penalties. Two teams with less are not making playoff. He didn't wear a headset for one game. So what. Buono never wore one. He was hired over Popp. like that was his fault. He blows a challenge. Every coach has. I really think some only watch Als games, if that, and have no context. He's bald and seemingly bland. That's a crime?

To be honest I really get irritated with the mocking that goes on. I do not think its all fair game even on a chat board. But its seems the norm here, be it Higgins, Whyte, Deslauriers. A lazy way out.

For anyone who has done any managing themselves, they will acknowledge that Higgins has done a very good job keeping this mess together. The players have not quit, they are playing hard and to me Higgins gets my admiration.