Its easy to point the finger at the coach or the care taker, or the offensive co-ordinator for the first game loss, but that wasnt the reason we lost.

They didnt jump offside or hold!

The reason we lost? 14 penalties and 22 minutes time of posession as opposed to Montreal's 38 minutes.

Casey showed some good agility, something we've been lacking for years in a QB.

Jesse never really had a chance to break out once we were a few scores down.

Woodcock was great its nice to have a SB with his ability, another position we lacked last year.

Our kick returners were better this year than last averaging 30 yards a return.

Setta was automatic as usual.

Knowlton lead the cfl in tackles, were was zeke? hes gotta have a better outing against Toronto.

Tre showed he will be electrifying this season for us.

Im sure nerves got the better of these guys a times (offisides, dropped balls, DB cover misreads etc)

Overall we should be pleased with the core of guys we have this year.

Would like to see Percy and Lumsden more out of the back field on screen plays.

Our offence is so predictable at times.

Mix it up a bit and lets see a few deep shots to Cohen, Miles, and Woodcock.

Some play action maybe?

The D-line needs to get more pressure on the QB, delayed corner blitzes or stunts up the middle. Calvillo wasnt that agile but looked comfortable in the pocket because our end rushs were double teamed. We need more pressure upo the gut. If we use these same defensive end blitzes against Joseph and Bishop were dead!

Bottom line we can be mad at the refs for questionable calls, but we have to eat this loss for some bad dicipline on the line.

My last point: Yes Casey is our franchise player, but hes not moving the ball bring in ritchie or quinton, no disrepect to Casey he could have an off day. No reason why he cant come in the next game and light it up! Toronto has no problem working two QBs. Go with what works on a game by game basis.

Thats my two cents.

No, they didn't jump offside or hold the opposing defensive lineman, but obviously they are not disciplenting well enough to stop. One penalty every once in a while is not a disciplent problem, but the amount we get is.

Im sure this weeks practices will be focused on the penaties we had and prevention.

Give Calvillo credit, hes know for hard signal calling.

I am sure the well be fines Laid out ..
also they will try and work Pass Rush
They can't afford to go 0-2 or 0-3

Is it just me or do you guys think that the refs seem to be looking for penalties when we are on offence ??

NOT just you habman!

Everysingle time we actually got some decent yards, a flag would be thrown, the refs would "conference" in the middle of the field, and then we would get penalized.