I know other threads have outlined the team's many shortcomings. The receivers are barely average. The O-line was awful. The starting QB is ineffective. But on top of all of that, the penalties killed them. At one point, the Cats had lost 130 yards in panalties to the Argos' 0 yards!! That's a difference of 13 first downs in the first half alone. For a team that doesn't gain 10 yards easily, that's a big deficit to make up. But at least it's something that can be corrected.

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What is so disappointing about this is that playing disciplined ball is Taffe's forte. One thing I was really looking forward to for this year was a lot fewer penalities because Taffe would have it under control. They did a great job in the preseason with this and maybe that's because players were competing for jobs and new they would be cut if they took stupid penalites. Well, if that's the case, then we need to start cutting players that take penalties on a regular basis, or else they won't take Taffe seriously. On another note, this is most likely due to the number of rookies we have and it's probably something we'll have to live with for a while.

At least the only truly undisciplined idiot penalty
was charged against a former Ticat player, Adriano Belli.

The no yards penalties will be corrected easily but
inadvertent face mask penalties are hard to avoid.

I haven't read much about what I think was the worst penalty in which the Cats practically gave a TD. The safety comes over on a deep pass that Bruce probably wasn't gonna get to anyway and without even looking at the ball, blindsides him. Who was that player? Play the ball or at least turn your head and the call MIGHT not be made. If your gonna level out a guy, especially near your endzone, he has got to touch the ball first.

I look forward to seeing if Charlie Taffe is infact the hard nosed coach everyone said he was. Taffe, the balls in you court!

Our next ex-Tiger Cat (hopefully), Wayne Shaw...