Penalties & Stupidity!

Cats have given away games via penalties all season. I am surprised they still racked up 100 yards in penalties against BC. I know it was a blow out, however regardless of circumstances being disciplined is being disciplined and it’s now the post season.

Anybody know why Mr.Jones has not been able to rectify this issue by now (Week 22)?? This is very scary.

In the 3 games against the Redblacks the Cats have totalled 346 penalty yards (Redblacks 199 yards - that’s almost 1.5 Football fields of yards given away!! Not surprisingly 0-3 in the series.

Injuries and starting line ups aside - these “boneheaded? penalties alonewill do the Cats in.

Come on Cats please play smart! Every yard counts.

The semi-final was pretty much an average TiCat game, this year, as far a penalties are concerned.
In their 19 games, the Cats have averaged 92 penalty yds. with a low of 35, against WPG in our home opener win in June, and a high 157 in the first loss to OTT, here in July. In only 6 games did the TiCats have fewer penalty yards than the opposition but they only won 2 of those games. The record is 7-6 in the other games. So – a bit of surprise – our team has a better won/loss record (.538 compared to .333) in games when they were the more penalized team.

It seems like the Cats’ penalties almost come at the most inopportune time during a game. One step forward and 2 steps back.

Here is hoping to the Cats having the least amount of penalties this season on Sunday.

That, I believe has been, so often, true this season. i.e. - Right after scoring a needed major .... Hajrullahu kicks off O.B. I believe that's happened more than once. Not so much the case, mostly because of always being ahead on the scoreboard, in the semi-final. Had the Roughing the Kicker call not happened, though, it might have remained a shutout, to the end.