Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

When I was listening to the TSN commentators last Thursday night I thought I heard something about Taffe wanting the players to discipline themselves with regards to penalties?! I wonder what anyone thinks about this?
I'm getting the feeling that Taffe is frustrated and at a loss as to how to prevent players from taking costly penalties. This by the way has been something that has been an issue with TiCat teams these last few years and is part of the reason why we currently are 0-4. Any suggestions for Taffe?
Sometimes I get the feeling Hamilton is getting a bad reputation and the refs are focusing too much on this team.

A couple of suggestions

Pushups on the field for dumb penalties at the direction of Taffe himself. Only dumb penalties. Embarrass the players and show you care

Call out the players at every opportunity until the problem is under control. Make it clear that its only a temporary measure and will cease when an acceptable level of play is reach by the team

Finally since this is a rebuilding season, bite the bullet and bench the offenders no matter what the consequences to the game results might be

And if it’s Chang that takes a stupid penalty (ie: time count violation, intentional grounding), does your above post count for him as well?

Absolutely. Nice try tho

BTW I don't care who starts, Williams or Chang, its all the same to me

i was just looking over the team stats and the penalties stat is quite a cause for concern. i know i'm stating the obvious here but here's how it looks:
tiger-cats-39 penalties for 383 yards, opponents-22 penalties for 231 yards.has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe each player that has been signed by the tiger-cats just has that lack of discipline in his make-up, maybe its just the players they're finding
and they think their signing a guy with great physical talents but maybe they need to look a little further into the players' mental capabilities.assuming every other team knows about all the same players, maybe they've passed on these guys cause they know something our talent evaluators don't.
stats don't lie and these are the players that we've chosen to line up with.i'm not saying that its just this year because adriano and cheat were notorious for "me first" penalties but no other team comes close
and as i said earlier, penalties are the difference between 0-4 teams and 4-0 teams. SO FELLAS ITS TIME TO GET YOUR COLLECTIVE HEADS OUT OF YOUR A**ES AND TAKE OWNERSHIP OF WHAT YOU'RE DOING,cause you're starting to look like a bunch of soccer hooligans.

           CITY LEGEND

Poor team discipline = poor coaching.


Nothing works better than

some tough, no nonsense team-mate
getting right in the face of any player
who screws up with stupid penalties.

A player can step way over the line
and say whatever is needed. [threats etc.]

All coaches know that. That's what Charlie was referring to
when he said he wanted the players to discipline themselves.


Juan Armour [ and a few other guys ]
calmed Dwight Anderson down on the bench.

Juan may just be the guy to privately
read him the riot act at the appropriate time.

This works better if that players sees
this guy busting his butt on every play.

His name is JoJuan, and I like what I’m seeing that is emerging from him.

I like JoJuan as well. I have a lot of respect for what he's trying to do here. I don't like the "players disciplining each other" thing though. It leads to what happened with Anderson on the sidelines the other night. He was NOT at fault on that one. It was a terrible call and it appeared as though some of the players took it upon themselves to discuss it with him. That caused the problem. I don't blame him. I would have been ticked off too.

the coaches can only do so much. how many times does a coach have to tell the players not to take stupid penalties before it sinks in. the only option open to the coaches is fining the players and i don't think any coach wants to take that road.

that leaves the players to police themselves. what armour did is exactly what needs to be done. the only mistake he made was doing it in the manner that he did. i don't know what he said, but it couldn't have been pretty the way anderson reacted.

Some of the penalties have been because of dicipline (or lack thereof). Offside.

Some of the penalties I think are part of coaching. No yards on punts 4 times in one game.

Some penalties are just bad luck cause by a player trying to make that extra effort.
The rouging call where somebody hit Pierce as he was going out of bound stretching for the first down.

Some calls are just blown calls by the refs.
Anderson's spearing penalty, Karikari's pass interference and the list goes on

Having said all this I beleive when you have a lot of new players the chemistry and cohesiveness has not yet developed and sometimes concentration and comfort lead to a bit of disorganization and that also can lead to some extra penalties.

Am I concerned about this, yes. Is there one easy answer to fix them, no.

The offsides, rough play, no yards and the holding and illegal blocks on kickoffs are the ones I want to see reduced.

I totally agree with city legend's comments on the mental part of the game, whereas coaches sometimes look only at the physical side of a player they are selecting. Those stupid mental penalties WILL cost you the game & when they continue game after game, it becomes habit. I also disagree with the poster that says its because the rookies are young & need more time. Remember, they all played a few years of college football, pro camp, 2 exhibition games & 4 league games & should by now know enough about not commiting stupid penalties. The penalties they are commiting are very BASIC that were present since their pop warner days thru high school & college.The question becomes "are they mentally prepared to compete at the pro level?" How much time is enough?

The no yards penalty is difficult to control especially when kicking into the wind or when the ball is "shanked". Also when we play the Argo's I don't mind taking a no yard penalty its better the Levingston taking it back for a TD.

I think guys are just pressing a bit to much I don't think it has to do with the character of the players on the team.

I too am frustrated by the penalties but as the season goes on I think you'll see penalty yardage against go down.

Remember we've switched up O lineman which need to play together to be successful. We seemed to have figured out our line up there. Switching QB they have a different cadence which can throw guys timing off.

This is short sighted.

There are 2 types of discipline:

  1. Discipline - Instilled by practice and reptition as well as careful instruction. Something I believe has been quite good, for the most part. The exception being on special teams. A guy blowing a no yards is one thing. 4 times is coaching.

  2. Self Discipline - This you have to force on yourself. Make yourself remember not leave the 5 yard box. Know your routes and snap counts. You’ve got want to get better to be better and I think this will come along as certain players (Armour being one) take on-field ownership of the team.

Players policing themselves is a great thing. It’s one thing to have the boss or coach tell you that you screwed up and here’s the penalty. It’s quite another to hear from a friend and teammate. Then you know you’ve screwed up and if you want to be a good teammate, something you will strive to change.

Coach Taaffe was ted micheals show sunday and said that anderson was upset about the penalty and armour and the other players were trying to calm anderson down and it took a little longer than taffe hoped for anderson to calm down. he (taaffe) also didnt want to say anything about the penalty for fear of being fined i guess