Penalties Penalties and More (Insert Expletive) (Insert Expletive) Penalties.

Gee, I don’t know. Call me a conspiracy theorist but the CFL is not siding with Ottawa when the refs call I don’t know how many penalties in a row against the Ticats but when you can’t get out of your own way even the refs like to pile on. Where was this team last night? That’s all I’d like to know. Absolutely piss poor effort, wholeheartedly disappointing and what started out as a great game turn into a shitshow of mistakes. An avalanche of mistakes but what else is now around here. You can count on one thing with this team. You can count on them taking bonehead penalties all night long and breaking your frickin heart. That’s a given. That’s a signature of Ticats football, and it sucks.

Unbelievable the way this team rolled over for Ottawa. Makes me seriously question their heart. There are bigger questions with the coaching as well, as there have been all year. It’s not getting any better. I’m sick of this crap year after year.

There were at least 2 penalty calls against
us that were not penalties. The roughing the passer on Dean . No was as he let up and minimal contact a split second after the ball was thrown. The unnecessary roughness on Langa on special teams was not a late hit.

By the way, that flagrent late head shot on Tasker by the Ottawa. That was unacceptable could have caused a concussion or other serious injury. I say we get payback on him or one of their receivers next game to show we will not tolerate brutal late head shots on our star players. Maybe get Langa in the game and have Ellingson or Sinopoli after the play and say 2 can play that game.

I understand your frustration Gerbear, but you really don’t mean or want that. It should be up to the team to draw it to the league office, and up to the league to act. In my mind, this is the type of player that makes the CFLPA and its calls for player safety a bit of a farce.

What’s the stat how many penalty yards did we take last night ?

Its a reflection of coaching.

You’re a conspiracy theorist. We deserved 90% of those penalties.

I know in your heart you really don’t mean that, Crash. You’ve been around long enough to know the news, weather and sports around here. A couple of big phantom calls was all it took to take Ottawa’s necks off the chopping block and never to look back. It’s 100% a league consipiracy because the script NEVER changes and I’m not afraid to say it. The CFL’s apologies are hollow. They’re not sorry that’s for sure because they keep victimizing the Cats. Even if you were drunk to the point of nearly passing out, while watching our games over the years, you can see the bias. It’s not even concealed anymore. They apologize and then laugh at you again the next year. Nothing changes and nothing will change because there’s just something rotten in Denmark with respect to the CFL.

Long term Ti-Cat fans have believed in biased refereeing for years but were accused of being paranoid. Proulx is especially disliked because of his seeming bias against the Ti-cats. It is becoming more & more blatant. I am not saying that we didn’t deserve penalties but there were many called last night that shouldn’t have been.

12 penalties for 128 yards :o

Agree that the penalty on Dean was ticky tacky and the one on Langa probably wasn't necessary although he was the second player in on the tackle on a player already headed out of bounds so it certainly isn't unusual for it to be called. Don't think it was worth the 15 yards assessed though.

Having our players take revenge on Ellingson or Sinopli in a similar manner is only going to get them penalized and probably fined. They just need to play with greater intensity and not allow them an inch or do their best to force fumbles on them to limit them. That would be better payback - oh and winning the game handily - not by 4 or 5 points.

Just curious. . . what colour is the sky, in your world?

Too funny and spot on?

12 penalties for 128 yards. Ottawa had 8 for 79.

Anyone care to comment on the Banks fumble early when he held the ball up and would have been an Ottawa TD had the refs not blown it dead?

Or does that not fit the narrative?

LOL. . . imagine the screaming and howling here had an Ottawa receiver done that and no call. . .

That was a great call by the refs . :slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

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[td]8 - 79[/td]

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[td]3 - 29[/td]

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[td]DEFENCE (NO - YARDS)[/td]
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masoli broke henry burris record for games over 300 yards but with all the penalties this year. Masoli’s efforts equate to less. I say start benching players for stupid penalties.

He was on the ground when the Ottawa player contacted him, resulting in the play being dead. Therefore no fumble.