Penalties Need Addressing

One of the biggest killers of this season was the stupid penalties. Penalties taken by the same players time and time and time again. Obviously these players are not learning that the refs will not allow them to get away with infractions. And to think these guys went to schools of higher learning!? One suggestion I have to curve penalties that I am sure will not be brought in because of contracts but it is my suggestion...Every time a penalty is committed by a player for the second time in a season and for the rest of the season that player be fined $100.00. When the fine causes a score against the team the player be fined an additional $50.00. All this money would go into an account that would be divided up to local charities at the end of the season.
If this was to occur, unfortunately for the charities, we may see a BIG decline in the stupid penalties seen by the team this season!!!
Just my thoughts

I know what you mean.Last night there were some dumb penalties and to believe the Lions,a whole lot more holding calls that were not called.

It's a lack of dissipline.It sounds like the players are still doing what they want.
Lancaster was still talking about players showing up to practices late.
When players are doing what ever they want you get bad penalties.
Remember the saying 'Abad team takes bad penalties."
If you look at our team as a whole we have lotsof talent here we just have a few bad apples.
I think we will be surprised by some of the cuts the Ti-Cats make in the offseason,I guarantee you those are the players who are the bad apples.