Penalties... a poll....

I've decided that this team takes too many penalties... also, i've realized that my vocal chords can only take so much yelling... accordingly i've decided to only freak out about one of these different types of penalties. all have a different target. and whoever 'wins' will be the sole target of my abuse (either through my TV from my living room, or live from the endzone.)

Should i be more upset that:

A- the team generally gets called on things that other teams wouldn't get called on (ie crap penalties)

B- the opposition rarely gets called for the same things we would get called for (ie crap non-calls)

C- both


and this is probably the most aggravating for me, but i'll let you decide what i scream at most this year.

D- bonehead penalties. (ie to quote don cherry "dum dum penalties"
such as too many men during a play when the other team is most likely going to concede a safety on a 'punt'... or a receiver being offside on a running play. or well... really any offside or procedure call on the offense.)

you decide. (oh, and tell me why)

There will always be penalties from playing hard. They are acceptable. Mental breakdowns cost victories.

I think we take too many penalties period. But to make matters worse we seem to take them at the worst possible times. I think it's time the coaches start fining these guys cuz the message isn't getting across that we need to play more disciplined.

Our penalties cost us games.Too many men on the field,offsides,a very odvious roughing the passer.Those penalties cost us games.I dont believe these are one sided,you just notice them more when there against your team.Mental breakdowns cause penalties.

We need player fines given for mental breakdowns like roughing the QB and dead foul penalties.They are selfish and need to be addressed.Money talks!