Pehs New Stadium

all i gotta say is wow. 40,000 covered seats, 24 luxurt seats, media press box, new weight rooms and locker room, wow.. ivorr wynne needs a guy like david asper around here. holly crap that stadium is ballin

I do think that Bob Young is in talks with the city about all of this. Unfortunately the team hasn't played well, as we know, since Bob took over the team (first year pretty good) so the whole stadium issue may have been pushed back a bit until we see how attendance is over the next few years and if there is a push for a new stadium as the team rebuilds.

I think it's time folks!!!!

Don't want to hear any crap about city council, site, etc.

That stuff is in the details. We need to push to ensure the will is there

Yes, this coming year and the next will be a huge indicator of just how popular the Cats are with Bob as the owner after a couple bad seasons. If people want a new stadium or refurbished IWS, then the fans have to support the team and keep pushing. So far I like what is happening in the off season.

I like Ivor Wynne, but our City spends so much money on ridiculous things (ex. a fleet of police cruisers that quicly cost more $ to repair than they were bought for) that I see nothing wrong with asking local politicians to help Mr. Young financially with a fancy new stadium. Frankly, looking at the plans for the new Winnipeg Stadium, I’m jealous. It looks awesome.

But just plans, still a long way to go before Winnipeg gets a project like that off the ground. Personally, I doubt that it will get off the ground to be honest, just my opinion.

Why exactly does anyone think its a good idea for the winnipeg to pay $40million for Asper to take the Bombers off their hands. Make no mistake, the plan that Asper is proposing will cost him zero as he stands to get all the profit from the commercial spaces built into this project. So he pays zero, gets a new stadium and the Bombers to boot. Bet the good folks of Winnipeg love that idea.

You make an excellent point on why local politicians should never be asked to finance private business. They have no idea how to manage their own finances and there isn't a dime of excess for the frills that would be nice to have. Besides, why is it OK to spend my money so Bob Young can make even more money than he already has?

without asper paying $40million, the bombers would NEVER get a new stadium...the current canad-inn stadium's best days are behind it.

2 people died last season, falling over guard rails.

its really a matter of, giving asper the team and helping him build the stadium, or risk losing the bombers in 10-15 years when the current stadium collapses.

why continue to pay millions of dollars ever couple years to renovate a dying stadium, when u can put that money towards a new stadium / shopping center?....this will also jump start the re-birth of that area in winnipeg. new business developments will come to that area as a result.

( there comes a point where u gotta buy a new car rather then keep dumpping money into a junker )

not to mention, without a greycup game in winnipeg every year, the team tends to lose around $500,000 every season. thats money being paid by tax payers. if they sell to asper, the city is no longer responsible for this yearly loss, and can spend that money else where.

Turbo, I don't think it's as straightforward as that. Asper is risking $65 million of his own money and asking $40 million from the province and Ottawa. As far as I can tell, the Blue Bombers are something of an albatross for the municipal gov't so they'd probably be very happy to end their association with the team if viable private ownership could be found. If Asper's revenue projections don't pan out, he loses. If they do, he'll make a profit and there's nothing wrong with that. The City benefits. They get jobs for its citizens, a higher profile and greater national exposure, a state-of-art facility, taxes paid to them and various economies of scale which stem from a major development such as this one would be. Even the U of Manitoba stands to gain by getting the turf that's currently installed at Winnipeg Stadium. If you know any Winnipegers, you know that they're still smarting from losing the Jets. This would help to bring back some civic pride in its citizens.

I think the Asper family's pockets are a lot deeper than Bob Young's. A development like this would really be a boost to Hamilton in many ways. However, I don't think Young alone could swing it.

Just my thoughts.

An Argo fan

So either put the entire $40M in trust for any future renos required and keep the team or go to the province get their $40M to go with your own build a scaled down version and keep the team if you insist that a new stadium is the only option. What you don't want to do is spend $40M and have nothing to show for it

A well thought out reasoned argument that I happen to disagree with due to the fact that the team debt of the past has been repaid in full and profits are finally on the horizon. No problems

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Under his plan, the federal and provincial governments would contribute $40 million each in a deal similar to the funding of the MTS Centre. It would be repaid in less than seven years from taxes generated by the construction and retail operations.

what is there to lose, if its all paid back in 7 years?

The taxes paid is a misleading inaccurate myth generated by private buisness to justify the request. In fact, taxes generated by any publically funded project NEVER repay a nickel of public investment as the taxes will be paid whether the project goes ahead or not unless it creates new money. This project only shifts spending from one area to another and creates no new wealth.

I'm pretty sure there was an article about a year or two ago saying that Bob Bratina wants City Hall to discuss IWS future with Bob Young since he doesn't like the idea of the city paying something between $15 to 20 million to fix the stadium when those millions could go towards a new stadium that will last for at least 50 years and also help redevelop the downtown and the waterfront. Also to kick start the economy.

where would hamilton put a new stadium if we were to have one? on the mountain? thats what ive heard but what do u guys all think?

Besides, why is it OK to spend my money so Bob Young can make even more money than he already has?
Well the city currently rents the stadium to Bob so the city is making money off of him and I would think the same if the City financed the new stadium.

It really comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. Is it worth the price to upgrade the stadium over the next X number of years or is it worth funding a new stadium that can attact other events (concerts and such) and maybe improve an area of industrial land in the city.

A sensible approach. IMO its not worth the price to build a new stadium.

I was going to say - good luck in getting $40m from the Feds but I'm reading in this mornings paper how Bpombardier, Pratt and Whitney and other companies have received BILLIONS from the Feds that was supposed to be paid back over a number of year but not one cent has been paid back.

The Toronto Opera Group received $25 Million!!!