Pegula buys Bills

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Okay Toronto, can we NOW focus on keeping what we have (Argonauts), rather than dreaming about what we don't (and won't) have?

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I guess MLSE is not a powerful Sports Group as they thought they were and got out bid by the Pegula Family and the Bills will remain in local ownership. Also does this mean the Argo's deal is DEAD in the water, because MLSE was hoping to buy the Bill's and the Argo's in the CFL and haver full control in the Golden horseshoe area, now their back to the Leafs, The Raptors and Toronto FC why add a sinking ship like the Argo's????

How do you know what MLSE plans were beyond getting a NFL team?

I think that their NFL plan back fired big time. Low ARGO attendances and a very poor showing for the BILLS in Toronto games just showed the NFL that Toronto is a lousy football market for any kind of N.A. football.
Now they will not get the BILLS or any other team because it will be too close to Buffalo.

At least the ARGOS will now not have the BILLS in Toronto looking over their shoulder. :thup:

Agree sadargo, the only hope for the Argos in Toronto is without an NFL team in Toronto. Although right now with no solid committed local owner for the Argos or a gridiron stadium to play in that is intimate and works as people see fit for gridiron, I fear the worst for the Argos in Toronto.

The best play for the NFL in Toronto folks at this point is to pull out the Baltimore playbook - pack the stadium for football. Baltmore got an NFL team back because the Stallions were so popular it showed the NFL they could support a team.

Toronto has done a lousy job of showing it wants an NFL team so far, with poor attendance for the NFL games, poor attendance for Argo games, and the less than impressive display by the group trying to buy the Bills recently. Their best chance now is to show that they actually can run a football team and sell tickets successfully.

This is no surprise as is the story all along how the Bills were going to remain in Buffalo.
Only the hype here in the wannabe city created by the Rogers media was contrary.

Maybe bon jovi could buy the argos. lol

Well maybe the Riders. :smiley:

You're Living on a Prayer. Rider shareholders would demand $10K for their $100.00 share. :wink:

TBH, if there was stadium security I could actually see it.

He could probably afford to fund and build a stadium all by himself.

Yes, what the Argos need is a white knight/hobbyist to build the Argos a stadium himself (or herself).

At least that's what it is beginning to look like.

At least the ARGOS will now not have to deal with that hanging over their heads any more. :thup:

yeah they will...any time a team looks to be potentially for sale.

With Buffalo assured for quite a while, no worries on the NFL coming to Toronto. Buffalo would have to move or fold and neither is happening for a long time.

The far greater concern is finding an owner and solid stadium for the team.

Not true... Toronto is the Bills territory. That is why the Bills in Toronto Series happened...No team can move into the Bills territory... Toronto is to the NFL as Hamilton is to the NHL, but even worse, because it can't actually support two teams... The Bills in Toronto Series marked Toronto as Buffalo's back yard. Old Ralph's took Rogers money and screwed them at the same time... Gotta love Ralphy

The NFL and the Bills are going to be enticing the 15-20,000 or more Canadians, many directly from Toronto, that go to each Bills home game to keep going and bring more friends, these Canadians are very needed for the Bills. Last thing they will do is put a team in Toronto to prevent this from happening, well except the odd game when a Toronto team plays the Bills. That is why the Toronto group went after the Bills instead of waiting for an expansion team, they knew the story, get the Bills or bust. Now it's wait and see, Pegula and his allies are going to try and get a new stadium built for the Bills in Buffalo or WNY or a totally refurbished RWS.

Can't wait till the "Jaguars Relocating to Toronto Any Day Now " type articles from the Toronto media begin... :roll:

His net worth is something like 300 million, not nearly enough to be able to build a brand new stadium.