Peguese is history, gets shiffled down the road to Hamilton

So Brandon Peguese was dealt to the 'Cats, basically because he was an arshole. The confrontational import DE offended too many veteran Lions, then made it clear he wanted to get to the NFL ASAP. The last straw was when he shot his mouth off at the big tuna: Coach Benevides. He's lucky he didn't get a road map and an apple.

While he was here Peguese spelled other D-lineman, gave opponents a different look on the D line and was effective in his other role as the first man down on cover teams. In return we get "future considerations, which basically means Buono and his old buddy Bob O'Billovich have yet to decide who or what the "considerations" will be. My guess is it will either be a special teams tackler who can fill the void on special teams post-Peguese, or an OL who can help us in the short term. It was reported a day or two ago that the least the Lions will get is one of Hamilton's future draft picks, plus the inference by Wally that the 'Cats will make available the neg rights to a warm body who's currently being underpayed by the Tiger Cats. Peguese was never a starter, so don't expect the world in return.

So in the spirit of fairness and brotherhood, let the rampant speculation begin!

Wally is no doubt looking elsewhere than import DT, because Maurice Evans was just activated from the injured list to replace Peguese. And second overall round pick Jabar Westerman is looking very good. Solomon Elimimian might be just a day away, so another linebacker doesn't seem too likely with Bighill second in tackles, MacKenzie healthy, Shell reasonably effective at the Sam spot and Yurichuck/Gesse getting some snaps. Cornerback Joshua Bell is on the one-game IL but appears healthy and parked there to prevent another team from claiming him if he's waived. And the Lions have up-and-coming DB Gerard Lawson on the PR, waiting for an opportunity behind Marsh, Banks, Muamba/Larose, Phillips and Parker. The only possible question marks on D are Muamba and Larose, so maybe Wally's angling for a deal to acquire a veteran Canadian DB that can give the team an upgrade at safety.

The 7-3 Lions' offence are awash in receivers with Kierre Johnson and Geroy Simon likely ready for next game. Andrew Harris has one of the best, if not the best, rush average in the league and Tim Brown, Stu Foord and the Cronkster provide different looks at RB when called upon. So who's left? Well, I'll tell ya. I think Wally is looking to address the biggest problem on offence this year, the offensive line. They lost three guys to injuries before the season had hardly started. Despite winning Lulay is running for his life half the time. The GM may be looking for another big tackle, because Olafioye might jump to the No Fun League in 2013. Or the league's winningest coach and newest GM might be looking for a journeyman Canadian who can play both guard and center. Why? Because Jesse Newman remains idle on the nine game IL and Dean Valli has struggled since he got back. Angus Reed is still an effective center, but he's way on the back side of thirty and might not make it to the post-season with that broken bone in his foot.

Or Wally might be after an import who served him well in the past. RB Martell Mallett is only 27 and might be a worthwhile addition to our backfield, just like the Eskimos did with Cory Boyd. He's on the Hamilton nine-game IL. Former Lion Markieth Knowlton is only 29, in limbo on Hamilton's one-game IL But he'll probably be on the active roster when he's healthy next week.

A cursory look at the Hamilton roster reveals some intriguing possibilities. OL Nick Hennessey currently rides the pine on the 'Cats PR. He's massive at 6' 5", 291lbs from Colgate and he's played for Wally before. Nick Claytor is an import tackle, a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech who might be the right OT of the future. As for guards/centers, veteran Marwan Hage might be an upgrade for the uberheavy, holding penalty-prone Patrick Kabongo. Don't know his contractual status, but Hage is currently spinning his oversized tires on Hamilton's one-game IL and might be available later this season to add depth for the stretch drive, or to swap area codes with the Kobongian one. Another OL on Hamilton's active list is import Marc Dile, who played at Florida and has perfect size for a guard at 6' 4", 300 lbs. Dile is is only 26, so his best years are ahead of him.

Wally has the luxury of waiting for the best opportunity. Finding a player who won't self-destruct like Peguese makes the search more challenging. Wally likes character guys who go to mass on Sundays before they hit the field and beat the puss out of the guys across from them.

Or maybe Wally won't wait for the future considerations and search among the tons of unemployed ballers who didn't make the final cuts on NFL squads. They're desperate for work, so they'll work for cheap: perfect for the CFL. Whatever/whomever the outcome, GM Brillo will be ahead of the game, the way he's always been.

Go Leos go.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Peguese is gone, but we are stacked on defense, he looked really good but prob had character issues. Lions will not take problem childs on the team--

Another good PROBLEM is going to be with the return of Kierre Johnson what happens to ERNIE JACKSON- Jackson has shown some huge downfield ability which is crucial---

Personally I believe the LIons have a really good 7-15 yard receivers with BRUCE SIMON and IANNUZI and GORE- Gore can get downfield but is used more short routes--

Foster is a deep threat, but for whatever reason they dont use him deep that much-- He is either being underused, not open, or not a big part of the coaches gameplan---

I feel that ERNIE JACKSON and KIERRE JOHNSON are the 2 LIONS deep threats, they both can get open deep and both are very dangerous after the catch-- They are both used on end arounds and both seem to be natural playmakers-

JACKSON is HUGE and hard to tackle and physically dominant, JOHNSON is small but very very fast and quick---

I wonder if the LIons are not better off using both JOHNSON and JACKSON as the wideouts-- Foster would have to sit, but the core of receivers would be amazing---



That looks like a dominant receiving core to me

What's "shiffled"? Sounds like it could hurt

its very very quiet sniffles.

just like a shneeze. Now that hurts

Oops, guess I was thinking about Peguese shifting to another team...not shuffling off to Steeltown. Damned "I" key, too close to the "U" key for the ring finger of my right hand. Still wondering what the "future considerations" might be. BTW, Peguese looked pretty good with the 'Cats last week. Apparently his bad attitude has been temporarily squashed by O'Billovich, or is it squished?

Kudos to the Lions for their 28-23 victory over a game Argo squad, who are now 1-15 in their last 16 games in BC Place. My advice to the Argos and Als: stay at home and save the airfares; just mail us the two points!

Lions play four of the last seven on the road, all but one against western opponents. The Riders and Eskies are so far back they'll probably only duke it out for who plays on the road in the Western semi final. Like BC, Calgary has a terrific home record and should duel with BC for the Western Final in their barn. Week 18 has BC on the road to Cowtown on October 27th, which should decide first in the west. Winnipeg is playing out the string but may play the spoiler later in the east.. Als, Argos and Tiger Cats are a lock for the post season, irrespective of how poorly they perform during the stretch run. Can they "flip the switch" in the post season? We'll see.

With seven games left the Lions control their destiny in the final home/away splits with western opponents. They'll only travel one time zone away three times, and to Hamilton once on October 12th. If the Lions get to 12-13 wins I don't see Calgary catching them for first in the west, not with four of seven on the road and playing in Edmonton on the last week of the regular season. I don't see them going better than 4-3 in the last seven games, even if one of the road games is in Staggerville.

Let the stretch drive begin.

Dooger in Slurrey :cowboy:

Didn't Mallett wreck his knee?

Peguese was good last week against Edmonton too, but when you're as deep as the Lions, you don't need the attitude.