'Peg not taking us lightly - SLAM! article

Bombers not too cocky

Nice little story with some quotes from our boys. After all this talk about gellin' and coming together, Peterson seems to have the right perspective:

Ticats receiver Kamau Peterson, whom the Bombers traded last summer for Chris Brazzell, said there's a reason his underachieving 'Cats are 1-5.

"I don't care how many games we lose by a field goal at the last second. We still lost," Peterson said. "We still didn't make enough plays.

"... Good teams don't do that. If that's where we want to be, then that's something we need to rectify, like yesterday."

Let's see you continue to step up Kamau. :thup:

as opposed to Brazzell's mindset:

Who cares ,really how they think , we have to play our game.....ha ha ,quote from every team in the world ,but a fact eh?

Can somebody please shut Charles Roberts up? We know he's good, but he thinks he's the second coming.