'Peg better without Milt

UPDATED: 2007-11-28 03:31:56 MST


WINNIPEG -- Milt Stegall finally gave his answer.

No, not that one. Turns out he's going to play the I-may-retire game a little longer.

The answer fans were looking for from the Blue Bombers' No. 85 yesterday was why he clammed up following another Grey Cup that got away.

Was he so angry he was afraid of what he might say?

Was he so devastated he was worried he might break down?

Why would the spiritual and inspirational leader of this team leave all those difficult questions for everybody else to handle, including quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie, who nearly cried, he felt so bad about losing the game?

Stegall refused to talk to the public, through the media, not only Sunday night, but Monday, too, upon the Bombers' return.


"Because I don't have to," Stegall said yesterday. "I don't have to talk."

That's is. No explanation. Not even a hint.

Now that he is talking, he still won't offer any insight into what happened in Sunday's game.

"I can't remember," he said, sounding as pleased with his own ability to avoid questions as with his ability to avoid defenders on the field. "God, I'm good, man."

Yeah, he's good. Probably the best to play this game, all things considered.

But here's something to ponder as the man ponders his own future: The Blue Bombers just might be better off without him in 2008.

Sacrilege, you say? A preposterous thing to even consider?

Not when you remove all emotion from the equation and look directly at the bottom line.

Stegall pulled in somewhere north of $200,000 -- one published report pegs it at $240,000 -- to pull down 69 passes for 1,108 yards this season, good for seventh place among CFL receivers. The Bombers would no doubt have to cough up that much again to bring him back next year.

Truth is they probably can't afford to, not with the salary cap crunch they face this off-season.

Remember a year ago, when GM Brendan Taman paid out huge bonuses to players just before the Grey Cup, ensuring that money went on the 2006 books instead of '07? It was a loophole used by other teams, too, to get around the new salary cap, enforced for the first time this year.

Players like Doug Brown (about $100,000) and Charles Roberts ($75,000) cashed big cheques then and earned relatively little this season -- Brown's 'official' salary this year was just $50,000, or so.

Stegall signed one of those cap-friendly deals, too.

But next year, the chickens come home to roost.

Stegall's $240,000 would go a long way to keeping the rest of this well-oiled Blue Bombers team together, at least for another season.

Okay bomber fans what is your thoughts?

That was interesting to read.

I don’t know what Bomber fans will think, but if Milt wants to come back next year, the Bombers would be nuts not to bring him back.

Typical media guy though.
You will need to pay somebody to play in Milt’s spot, so an average/good receiver will get 100-125000, which means the team saves at most 100 thou, but then they are weaker at the receiving position.
If Milt comes back it won’t be for the money anyway, so he may be willing to take a pay cut. It will be to win a championship. That attitude is worth 100 thousand anyday…

milts, Payed his doo,s He deserves top dollar, i would rather see him make it, then here about some hotshot out of college getting a huge signing bonus in nfl--- IMHo Stegal Should replace brian williams , when he retires from playing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it depends how Taman is able to juggle the numbers but if it comes down to keeping Milt for 1 more year or resigning Tom Canada then I'd say its time to let Milt go.

The only thing I strongly disagree with is the thought that Milt could be the best CFL receiver ever. Great yes, but without a Grey Cup ring on his finger, he could never be labled the best, IMHO.

I guess it depends how Taman is able to juggle the numbers but if it comes down to keeping Milt for 1 more year or resigning Tom Canada then I'd say its time to let Milt go.
The Bombers would never "let Milt go." If he retires, it will be because of his own decision. He is not yet at the point where his team would do to him what was done to Damon Allen this year - force retirement on him.

Eh. Didn't particularly care about all the number crunching, but I thought this was pretty ridiculous...

"Because I don't have to," Stegall said yesterday. "I don't have to talk."
Considering what the CFL and its fans did for him when he broke the TD record this season, I think he does have to talk. :roll:

...Stegall is a guy who takes things to heart...and as hard as he plays the game,keeps himself in shape,and takes football very seriously.. should indicate that he does not take losing well...He's been around long enough to earn respect for his decison 'not to talk' ..however, everyone knows he will eventually....just face it...when Milt is quiet..you know there's something wrong....advice ...wait till he's ready to open up... :wink:

Well, I wouldn't expect him to breakdown on national television or anything, but a couple of words would have been nice. But like I said in the other topic, I'm not going to lose sleep over this. I'm sure it'll be forgotten soon after Christmas...

Well Friesen pretty much nailed it. $240 K ain't in the budget next year for Milt, and that's about what it would take to up root him from his family again. So you can rest assured that this was his last kick at the cup. And yes, that money would be well spent in other areas of the team next year.

kind of a bit to do about nothing really.

not worth losing over for sure.

I agree, a couple of words might've gone a long way, but also understand his desire to be left alone at that point.


see and i disagree. i know that th title is a huge weight in calling someone the greatest. I think he can hold those reigns, my agruement is all theother greats that could also bear the name. there is no 1 greatest.

i would like to see milt back as much as the next guy but some good point are brought up. first is the price, we have names like canada, goodspeed, and sheridan all become free agents that taman need to get back. glenn and ike want to renegotaite the terms of theirs. so alot of work budget wise that taman has to look at. then we also have to look at our crops now, i think splitting the load between terrence and derrick can fill the void that will be missing if he leaves. it will be hard cause their is alot of work to do with other guys that this team needs back for a run next year, so a single season contract with milt isn't the greatest priority the team has.

A lot of this is dependent if Asper owns the team. If he does, Milt may be back. Asper stated he won't be worried about any imposed caps. If it remains community owned then Taman will have to work the numbers game.

ok, first of all, arjei franklin is a darn good reciever and has great potential to crack 1000 yars next season.... so theres our three guys if milt doesnt come back

second, hebert still has his gliber contract and is making about 220 000 or more, and hes off to the NFL. davin bush was reported by the free press to be making somewhere around the 135 000 range, and after this season, i think hes gone... he was a huge disapointment

chris brazzell took a pay cut last year, but hes still making at least 75k, hes probably outa here consiering he was reduced to not even playing anymore by mid way point...

we'll have enough cap space boys, even if milt does return, if he doesnt, theres another 240k to sign an arland bruce that may be coming out of TO or whoever else. i wouldnt offer him all of that though... probably around 200k.... though we dont need to, as kerry johnson is looking like he could be a force to be reckoned with, and as stated above we already have 3 potential 1000 yarders... Ian Logan is probably ready to take over the starting safety spot, which would allow 4 import recivers... if we bring in a real good amerk safety, like an orlando steinaur, then we will have to go with wilson again.... who drops his fair share of passes....

id rather go with stoddard, but coaches refuse to start him for some reason... he's to slow perhaps? or maybe cuz hes such a huge cntributor to special teams? no one knows

Nobody in the CFL is worth $250,000 other than maybe a couple of QB's. The teams that win are the ones that are solid throughout and not the ones with a few stars and a bunch of second-run guys. The majority of these guys could not get work in the NFL and it is highly doubtful that any could make $100,000 for six months work anywhere else.

Even with the injuries your team had 11 extra players whereas the Riders had the highest at 23. Have this many player over above your roster including the injured is expensive and counts. There will be changes in every team I am sure.

As long as there are teams foolish enough to pay high prices for free agetns there will never be a problem with that. Remember my own team the Stamps paid 200,000 for a canadian db (Sanchez) and he was not worth it. Your right they are not worth it but there will be someone that will pay the price.

see heres what i figure. if a team is willing to pay me 200,000 to play for them then i am worth that. if no player was worth it then no team would offer cash like that.

Makes sense! And you know there are teams that will do it.