Peeved Lions predict "Guaranteed Win" over Riders

[b]The B.C Lions are guaranteeing a win at home against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday, and they’re backing up their boast with free tickets if they don’t come through.

If the Lions fail to beat the Roughriders, all fans in attendance can redeem their game ticket for a ticket of equal value to one of the club’s four remaining regular season home games.

“The Saskatchewan Roughriders have challenged this community,? team president and CEO Dennis Skulsky said in a statement. “They have purchased billboards promoting their team and they’re hosting a ‘Rider fan party and rally in our backyard.

The Riders put up a billboard outside BC Place which reads “Green is the new Orange?.

“We’re a very good football team and we’re here to proudly represent this city and this province,? added Skulsky. “The best way to do that is to win on Sunday and we guarantee that will happen.?[/b]

The Riders rented this billboard, in a prime location in downtown Vancouver,
between the Canucks Rogers Arena and the Lions BC Place Stadium.

Man, the Riders and their Fans are intolerable! :twisted: :twisted:

Saskatchewan's front office definitely knows how to fire up some passions. Between their own team, little 'taunts' like these on opposing fan bases, and their very classy ad to we Ti-Cat fans after last year's Grey Cup? That's a business ownership that knows what it's doing, for sure.

Ballsy of B.C. to rise to the taunt like that, though. I'm not sure if I'd be so eager to promise all my fans free tickets if we failed to knock off the defending GC champs.

Nah, its not a risk for BC, its marketing. They've got plenty of spare seats in BC Place. People with paid tickets to another game won't get a refund. Its basically a 2-for-1 sale. The guy knew what he was doing.

The Green Team's fans are the most obnoxious ones out there. Sure they stuck by their team during their down period where winning ganmes were few and far between. I think most CFL fans admired them for that and had the Greenies as their second favourite CFL team. Once they became a good team the Green Wave started to exhibit the attitude that their team would win and (being polite Canadians) often thanked the other teams for being the sacraficial lambs.

Athough I didn't go to the Grey Cup last year, our head office in Regina was very dismissive of the Tabbies chances. Turns out they were right, but it was still a galling experience. You might say that this would change if the Cats started winning a few Cups, but I am too old to wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

8) I agree right you are !!!

This is great marketing for the league, the Lions, and to a lessor extent the Rides. I love how big of a deal our Beautiful CFL is out west! I Hope they can pack BC place this Sunday!

ABSOLUTELY - awesome marketing

As annoying and arrogant as that is, I must admit it is very clever and pretty funny. I hope the Lions kick their cans though. I'm sure there are some very nice Rider fans, but some of them are ridiculous. They became my daughter's 2nd least favourite team for taking tiger toys away from little kids and hanging them a couple of seasons back. She can't stand them now.