Peeing in a bottle

When it gets cold during a playoff game do any of you pee in your empty beer bottle while wearing a big and long coat during a game (no one can tell), so you don't have to visit the restroom?

Kid you not this happened at a small college game and I was the one that did it. I was in the band and did it. No one knew about it until I told someone in the drum section about it.

Do you have to start these nonsense threads?

Go read a book or something. . .

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Sorry, can't think of anything else exciting to talk about that hasn't already been said.

Silence is golden.

And you find this exciting?

must be into water sports

Now that is funny! :grinning:

Sounds like Ray and his piss jugs from "Trailer Park Boys". "That's the way she goes, boys"

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I mean if you're in the band and not a random spectator I think this is oddly understandable. What a random topic.

…but top marks for putting it in the correct sub forum…

is it sport, or is it entertainment :slight_smile:

I have never peed inside a bottle. Never found one I could fit into.


Why the need for the coat? Why be so shy?

are you saying you want to watch? :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be my first choice of viewing options, no.