Pedro the Panda

The University of Ottawa GGs were left in tears (as they always should be) as the 2nd year Carleton Ravens stunned their presumably superior cross town rivals with a 50 yard Hail Mary touchdown to win the game on the least play.

Amazing game. Hopefully this will turn more people on to CIS ball, it's amazing!

And while that amazing Canadian game was on - what was TSN and TSN2 showing - two mediocre NCAA football games. :thdn: :thdn:

At least SRC (the French CBC) had the Laval - Bishops game on. The lack of coverage of the CIS this year is a disgrace!

Doesn't Rogers though control rights to CIS as the CIS decided to go with them?

Agreed. One of the biggest games on the CIS schedule and its not even on real TV while obscure NCAA football is on. Good thing TSN went to 5 channels...they're really making good use of them... :thdn: :roll:

...and as for Rogers, since they signed a deal with the CIS, they have done absolutely nothing with it. Maybe to busy coming up with quality programming like the 1000 Blue Jay pre, post, mid day recap, 30 minute game rebroadcast shows

CIS dropped the ball on their decision I would say going with Rogers.

$$$$$ talks.