pedophiles in the CIS coaching ranks too?

Just curious what everyone's thoughts are about Penn State and it's parallel to a particular church's problem having this problem too.

From what I know about the situation, I say this guy is a hero!:

Can't believe there were threats made to him...of all people???

Can't believe the student body at Penn State is pissed Joe Pa was given the boot. It boggles my mind what today's youngsters at higher education environments are thinking. They're suppose to be our caregivers and leaders when we are old.

Has this every happened at any of the CIS schools?

Go troll on the UFL boards or something......... Who cares about some witch hunt in a third world country.... Nobody
.....Just another American tragedy...Lets throw everyone under the bus because of the actions of one...
Its always a blame game in your country... Maybe Parteno should get the death penalty... Would that pacify the blood thirsty American public.
As for your question...Of course there is pedophiles in the CIS... theres pedos everywhere... That is why you must openly talk about sex with your kids as soon as they are able to comprehend it.... Keeping kids in the dark is what allows this... Ignorance is what these guys prey on

Really? You choose odd heroes. . .

From Steve Simmons column:

[i][i]Why didn’t he just stop it?

You walk in to a dressing room and allegedly witness a grown man raping a young boy in the shower — and you do nothing???

How would you react? Would you not attack the adult in question? Would you not scream, grab, punch, pull hair, do everything in your power to protect the child? And if you don’t, how do you live with yourself? The more we learn about what went on with Jerry Sandusky at and around Penn State University, the more I am troubled by the actions of Mike McQueary, the former quarterback, graduate assistant and now assistant coach on leave from Penn State. Institutional silence is one thing: But where was the human, instinctive, emotional reaction here? McQueary is not the perpetrator, but he could have and should have stopped all of this years ago[/i].[/i]

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I wasn't aware of that part.

I'd hopefully kill anyone I saw actually abusing a youngster in this manner or at least attempt to do so.

"As for your question...Of course there is pedophiles in the CIS..."

Do you have any proof of this?