Pedophiles and the Super Bowl

Apparently child prostitution is big business at the Super Bowl....

Pimps hawking young girls see the thousands of men who travel to the Super Bowl each year as a gold mine of potential clients. Police in and around host cities have tried for years to crack down on prostitution by conducting stings or increasing patrols during Super Bowl week. Only in recent years have underage girls come to light in increasing numbers.

"This is a very large issue. We want people to know what human trafficking looks like," said Thomas Lawrence, an assistant Dallas police chief. Last year's Super Bowl in Miami drew as many as 10,000 prostitutes, including children and human trafficking victims, police said.

Who knew that pedophiles were such NFL fans?

that is disturbing. i guess if you want to do something illigal like that,go to the place with hugest party of the year.

It is really disturbing, but is definitly a reality for events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and so on. Last year I had an opportunity to take part in a campaign to help in the fight against human trafficking. Ultimately you want governments to put policies in place to help people get out of the prostitution trap in all countries, but the organization surrounding the campaign goes in and uses the money that is donated to buy back the freedom of those who are enslaved and forced to sell themselves for their pimps, masters, etc.

Right on GreenAndWhite.

Sadly well beyond the Super Bowl or any such big event, human trafficking especially of minors is hardly actually news and has been covered up for decades around the world, and it remains a tacitly accepted practise by even those in government especially in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia and in some parts of Latin America.

Note that more and more of that traffic has made its way to North America and Western Europe also with some deliberate avoidance of the uncomfortable issue, if not also participation or payola, but a few of those in government and even amongst the clergy there.

We are talking here about tragic evidence the bowels of humanity and the most rotten of evil in my opinion that most of us certainly would prefer not to think about. But think what goes through the minds beyond the void of the huge loss of any parent of a child who is kidnapped? Why are there so many kidnappings? (don't answer, just ask now)

A good film to watch on the matter, but remember it's a film so it simplifies the reality, is "Taken."

At the core what you observe in that film is merely a shred of the larger and far more ugly truth of this underlying and growing evil. :expressionless:

Okay I'm onto better topics knowing full well how disturbing is this matter. :expressionless: