Pederson is at it again!

Apparently his sources tell him Dane is a green Rider next season.

I will post the story for you

5RIDERS NEXT QB : My football Insiders – the same ones who said in September that Jason Maas would be the next Head Coach of the Montreal Alouettes – say Dane Evans will be the Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback in 2023 and that you can take it to the bank. Please discuss amongst yourselves.


I trust "Bitcoin" as much as I trust Rodney.....ZERO :thinking::crazy_face:


:sunglasses: Well to get Dane they will have to make a trade with the Cats to get him !!

Actually that is good news to me, because I don't want to see him back in a TiCats uniform again any more !!

He is definitely not a starting QB in the CFL :roll_eyes:

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....and everyone knew Maas was headed to Montreal from the second he was done in Regina.

No sources needed.......

While it is possible Evans is headed to Riderville it may be a short stint with a lame duck Coach and GM.
I would wait until they have done something with the massive list of free agents before signing as well.


This is nothing really new. The rumours of Dane heading to Regina have been swirling since the whole "BLM in Hamilton" story broke the news.


Dane is going to fry in Regina.

Like a ginger in the hot sun!

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Or the Cats can release Dane, then he signs with whoever wants him in 2023.

The last good belly laugh Rod gave me was October 9th 2019. I was working in Saskatchewan and listening to Winnipeg had no starting QB (injured Matt Nichols and Chris Streveler ) and the news just came in re: Zach Collaros trade to Winnipeg.
Rod was giddy & giggling how dumb the Bombers were for making such a stupid choice, Zach will not make it through a single game and the Bombers are foolish, the next hour nothing but mocking Winnipeg was herd over the radio, now first I did agree Zach is / was injury prone and long term was unlikely but at the time what could Winnipeg do? 10 minutes to deadline and Pinball drops a starting QB in your lap for basically nothing.... what would you do?
As Cactus Jack Wells would say....and it turned out nice again.


It's comical now to look back at how maligned June Jones was for coming to the same conclusion about Collaros as 7X Grey Cup champion Pinball Clemons did.

The fact is that Collaros would likely be out of football right now if he didn't land into that perfect scenario in Winnipeg.


Good to be lucky, lucky to be good...


Today, Pedersen's quoting our play-by-play guy:


*@BroadheadRJ confirms there are a couple of #Ticats players committed to trying out in the #NFL, but says "that goes for all teams in the league. So we'll see who winds up signing." *
via @RodPedersenShow (

I expect Tim White is one of them.

3downnation used to be right on top
of guys getting NFL workouts. Haven’t heard much lately. I know Tim had one workout last year but he’s a free agent so could possibly wait things out for more teams to show interest. Dunbar might get a look too, with his size and speed - he would need better hands to stick down there though I would think. Outside of that I can’t think of too many other guys who’d have a shot. Saxelid maybe?

I know that's the perception but I've lost track of how many NFL receivers have dropped easy catches this year, in just the playoffs alone.

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Saxelid was a bakckup on the cats

No, he was signed as a free agent and a starter and got hurt in the first game. Then he spent most of the season on IR and returned in the last few games.....


Are you saying he was a starter

He was signed as a free agent from Edmonton as a starting O Lineman, started the first game and had a knee injury went on IR.......Google is your friend.......

So he started 1 game

Who would he replace on our line mrs saxelid