Pedersen's Take - MLSE

There's a bit of a double standard going on in the forums.

In this thread, we have folks really down on the Charter.

But over in another thread we have folks championing the charter rights of freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.

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Yep and they are allowed to block pipe lines east .

All the charter is etc.... is .... a lawyer's dream nothing else .

You see it today .

What right's ?

Martial law edicts / curfews for non wartime issue because of health care infrastructures needs that are not met by the vary one's who sign the ridiculous lockdown measures .

This needs to be penalized to the extreme if we actually have a charter .

If not rip the thing up it's useless .

The charter isn't working the way it's suppose to be used .

If the charter is the reason we are giving out millions to terrorists because of their rights then what the hell is going on today .

The flipping Ontario government was about to do martial law edicts because of a health care infrastructure problem that only effects a minor percentage of the population heaven help us if we had a real issue to deal with now .

Well the rest of the country agreed to it in the dead of night without Quebec's Premier. It has worked out ok. Quebec has its own court system and retains its clause. They've lost nothing. They get to pick and choose the parts of the constitution that works for it.

I am a C.F.L. fan..... looking at this thread, Its called Pedersens Take MLSE. If I want to talk politics and the constitution I would not be on this form, I thought this was about Pedersens Take MLSE. ? and relating to the C.F.L. ?????did I miss somthing.. Jeez

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Pedersen believes the MLSE's in charge of the CFL.

I thought they are one of nine owners each with a vote.

But what do I know

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MLSE could finance the whole CFL, they wouldn't need an XFL merger/partnership.
MLSE also owns the team in the biggest market in Canada with the lowest attendance in Canada

So far, nothing Petersen says has come anywhereclose to fruition- MLSE partnership, NFL Canada. I sometimes question his sources

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All of these things were completely made up.


Charlatan: click baiting his own audience.... Sad

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So, uh, anybody got some of the real real on the current deal or are we still just making stuff up as we go along waiting yet again, for waiting apparently is very hip now in the CFL.

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