Pedersen: Mosaic 2.0 better than NFL stadiums, incl. Cowboys

Rider scribe Rod Pederson believes the New Mosaic to be better than all the NFL stadiums he has ever visited including Dallas Cowboys Stadium (AT&T)..

PEDERSON: "I've toured many NFL stadiums over the past few years and none have many of the amenities New Mosaic Stadium will boast. That includes AT&T Stadium in Dallas, the home of the Cowboys, and the finest stadium on the planet."

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High praise indeed! Saskatchewan and Winnipeg are going to have the best stadiums in the league.

As crazy as it sounds for a CFL club to have that honor it is apparently fairly true. There have been many people that have echoed his sentiments including some of the NFL people they worked with on design. They did a fabulous job of going to many stadiums and teams from around NA and seeing what works and what didn't....including some from outside of football.

Some of the things they picked up were not going with the 19" seats that many facilities go to now, but a 20. I guess that while 19s are enough for a very strong majority the comfort of a 20 is way better. The changed up their initial plan on lighting, though it is a shame they didn't get the full spectrum stuff, the lighting they are putting in can actually be used to combat field shadows in broad daylight. The training facilities, for those who haven't seen videos...stunning

That's what happens when you pick an architectual firm that knows how to design sports facilities. One of the problems here with IGF I think was selecting a local architectural firm that does well with residential and commercial design but was not known for sporting venues. The end design is nice enough but a lot of the problems stem from just missing basic ingredients that are a staple of modern facilities, even simple things like field access for larger vehicles to accommodate installations for concerts and other events. A number of flaws could be traced to what basically amount to rookie mistakes in design. Involving a group like HKS sports and ent grp to assist in the design of Mosaic was a good move.

Another laughable article from this clown.

A $275 million stadium has more amenities than a $1.15 BILLION stadium? Peterson sounding like a small town sucker.

I realize this new stadium is the greatest sporting facility ever constructed in the little village of Regina, but it'll never come close to matching the amenities of modern day NFL stadiums.

Let's get back to reality now, shall we?

Nice. :thup:

The thing isn't even finished... LMAO This guy is a piece of work.

You realize that people from the Cowboys and other NFL reps have echoed the statement right? The facility is pretty amazing. The training facility truly is second to none, and that is where it is getting a lot of the praise. Obviously the Cowboy stadium is grander itself, but the facilities for the club are not. The skydome is a facility that is worth a it better than most facilities? no.

He's entitled to his opinion.

Nothing wrong with being proud of your town or the facility.

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, but at this point we can't even say if it will be the best CFL stadium. This Peterson guy needs to calm down.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Its not even in the same universe, I could have also used BC Place but Pedersen mentions Cowboy Stadium....

And this is before the new one Inglewood opens up in 2019.

I’m sure the new Mosaic will be a gem once it’s done but that can’t stop homers from being homers.

for stadium itself, ATT will blow it out of the water still, but not team facilities

Now if only Rider fans could be less annoying... but you can be sure the new stadium will make them even more obnoxious than they already are.

Yes, I am sure statements as such put you in the "classy" category.

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better.

And what specific team facilities separate new Mosaic from Cowboys Stadium? I would like something more than the generic, "Well the training facilities are superior." No, specifics please. What sets it apart.

The Last Word


The Sky Dome was much bigger and more expensive than anything else the CFL had to offer and the Sky Dome was/is horrible - especially for football.

Can you point us to where reps from the Cowboys made such a statement?

look up some of the videos of it and you will understand.

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They simply have better overall facilities than anywhere. That is not being some “cocky Sask guy” I am not from there to begin with, it is the simple truth. Others will come along and see what they did and improve upon it, but for now, the facilities are second to none…no, not the stadium as a whole. The Esks have had the best facilities for a while now, and don’t get me wrong…they are great, but they don’t touch this. It is a great way of assisting in attracting people in a small cap league, because the location itself is not going to do that for many.