Pedal to the metal...

Well, here comes Monday. My predictions:

Carolina wins on election eve.
Steeltown wins on election eve.

Cons win a minority govt. wiping that shit eating grin off of Paul Martin's mug.

Belinda Stronach has a fit in front of daddy and he buys her a small island to rule off the coast of Madagascar in order to shut her up.

Svend Robinson loses his bid for election and goes on a $25,000 stealing spree in a sex shop.

Gilles Duceppe....well, he's Gilles Duceppe, peeg dogs!

On their way out, the Libs lose another billion dollars citing they have no idea where it went.

The private car service Jack Layton used to take as a member of Toronto city council sues for lack of payment. "But I thought Olivia had it...!?"

This really isn't very funny...

Regardless of what putz is running in your electoral district, please go out and exercise your democratic right. It makes us all more rich. Tom Wright, er, Hugh Campbell for PM!!!

Moses good one I did not know you were so talented! With the Conservatives in ppower just maybe we can get a real investigation into the money that had been stolen. Also just maybe they will thow someone in jail for their thieving ways. Paul and Jean what you gonna do when they come for You!

hope you don't mind me taking a little 'literary license' with your post ESK...JUST COULDN'T RESIST... 8) AND YES ...everybody should go out and take part in the election process.. because....if you don't.... you won't have any reason to complain about the govt. you get.. :arrow: .

Seattle over Dever in SB

No way kk you will lose on this one!

Again you want another investigatin!
Why you are not going to believe that Matin had nothing to do with it in the first place so what is the point?

The problem Ro! is the gomery report ran out of time and money to get to the meat and potato's of this investiagtion! Why would Paul Martin fear a conservative win other htne his but is on the line. The only hidden agenda Haper has is he want the theives to pay for their crime. And I will bet that they will further the investigation in this matter. They should Paul Martin stated last election he will make those who are guilty pay well RO tell me who is paying please tell me. Every guy that was caught got off with hand slap. Tell me Ro are you feeling comfortable now. The fall guus my friend got caught they did not pay for their crimes and the reall meat and potato's is out there to catch. And if you think otherwise well then really I no one can help you. Again how can a thief investigate himself. Do you not find this strange. Last June had the Conservatives won then you would have gotten the truth all of it. The Gomery investiagation was just a teaser to shut out the truth.

You know red05, the whole problem started many years ago, when your party ruled..
After the damage Tory goverments did, peaple were so scared, they would even elect criminals..
Way to go Cons ...It's all your fault..hope your prod of yourselfs..
Brian Mulroney was the greatest Canadian of all his eyes, what a joke..

Yes Hankthetank, at that time I was a card carrying liberal but again their crime was taxing us not robbing us! Gee what did you pay in taxes then was it higher or lower. The Gst was brought in by BM but it did help with the debt and the Liberals said they would get rid of it did they I think not. That was their gravy train for fiscal responsiblity much like over charging us for employment insurance then boast that they are fiscally responsible give me a break. The thing is here if Harper and company does not perform what do you think we should do keep voting them in like the Liberals absolutley not. If an employee does not do their job you give them the apple and a road map have a nice life hand shake. Oh with the Liberals the hand shake comes with an envolpe of money that right. Why is it some poeple like yourself wnat to look back into the past and not the future. It seems people that support the thieves here look to the past and not the future that is really refreshing. Yes Hnak you can fire the government if they do a lousy job. And this Hank is what the Liberals need a firm message from Canadians that enough is enough you have wasted our moeny but no more. A vote for the Liberals is telling them they have done a good job. Have they NOOOOOO!

NDP would be the Party to represent Canadians..red05
The only problem is that you right wing tory voters, try to make them out as a monster.
Exact same colours the Libs paint you with, your using on the NDP...
On monday..the only true party with a clean track record, to vote for is our NDP party..

Seriously Hank unions do have their place and they have done great things. One thing they can not do is be fically responsible. I remember a few years back I was at a union meeting and there was provincial election. At this meeting they were requesting someone to come forward to run in the election. Well this person would have been running against one Ralph Klein. Now Hank tell me is this getting the best person for the job. That is why I will not vote NDP you want someone that has the ability to do the job not a volunteer for sacrafice. This is a true story.

Red05, All Tory peaple say... the NDP have no clue in the Countries money management..hogwash..
Harper has his accountants and advisors, much the same goes for Martin...NDP has there's also..
There must be a Tory training card sold with every membership, on how to crash the left wing..

Hank did you not read how the NDP gets their canidates! They get them by hey your a warm body you can run that is jus to scary. Oh by the way it was a garbageman that ran against Klein ha ha ha ha nothing wrong with that. He would be looking after environmental issues for the NDP.

I've seen the Cons candidate in my riding, his nick name is Charlie asswipe...
Seems every thing he say's, is worth the same paper you can wipe your arse with..
Hows that one think all Con candidates are gold..

…that’s pretty immature…you ever gonna go stick up for your ridiculous claims about how Stegall and Johnson are better than my entire offence put together, or is that just smoke?..

Still hurting redwhite?? you'll get over it...face the facts, we have more talented recievers than you...

.........and you couldn't back that up with facts, but I did with the rebuttal, go check out the 'Stamps getting an NFL Veteran?' thread and try to argue your way out of what I've put there........

The simple fact of the Matter is, steagle is in the top three recievers of all time, Copeland is maybe 15tth all time
When Johnson came into the league, he looked to be just as good as steagle, or better
Your two guys are also great but not in the same class,as the Bomber's recievers

...........what a joke........going back in history eh? it would be ok then for me to add Alan Pitts to my group?........or Tom Forzani?.......oh, you mean recent players? bout Vaughn, or Moore.........

...........last years stats are the only ones that count.........anything beyond that is ancient news........get current or claim the other thread where the stats are for all to see.........

that's YOUR opinion, we'll see on SB Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!