Payton wants out of TO

He has now been suspended...too bad...good football talent being wasted on a bad team. Could be our solution at FB. What do think?

He would make a great fullback. Watching his highlights in T.O. he's always making great blocks and takes the handoffs and rams through defenders and has very solid hands.

The Good Ship argo is stuck on Rocks and Sinking
Everyone to the Lifeboats.. Bruce was right :lol:

It might be easier to start threads about players who DON'T want to leave TO lol. This is awesome.

Your right Tom it looks like the rats are jumping overboard hope they have enough players left to field a team on Friday.Man the Torpedos boys sink them for good :thdn: :thdn:

Actually, Bruce wanted to remain an Argo, but the owners backed Andrus.

"Man the torpedos?"

What is this, a suicide mission ?

I dont know anything about the guy, but anything to bring down the argos even further is a good thing. :thup: :lol:

Any links?

the Fan is acknowledging that Payton has now been granted his release and is now a fee agent. I would sign him.

Does anyone really believe we need another RB on the roster?

Fee Agent makes much more sense than Free Agent, doesn't it?

Oskee wee wee

He's not needed with Keith due back. If they sign Payton, who do they cut? Nope, the status quo is fine.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Keith will not be back anytime soon !!
 Look for him to back on the IR this week.  He is not ready to play yet !!!
8) As far as Payton is concerned, we have no need to pick him up.
 He didn't last in Montreal, or Toronto, so why do we need him ???

Now if it was his father we were talking about, then YES  !!!

And AC didn't last in Hamilton, but I guess he's nothing special 8)

We have Cobb, Caulley, Smith, Keith, plus Williams, Pavlovic, Sadeghian, and Brown at RB.

Still, some people seem to feel that if any player is cut by another team, we should definitely sign him.

I don't. I'd take a pass on him.

Agreed. Sometimes I think if the press ever reported that Wally Buono cut a fart, someone here would demand we sign it.

Who's demanding? Fans are just quietly mulling over what he could do for us, excuse us for talking. :roll: