Payton is out of the picture?

According to Herb Z. who quotes Marcel Desjardins "Payton would not have been the guy, even if he wasn't injured"

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What a turnaround! I am happy Cobourne is getting his shot (he deserves it), but I would have liked for Payton to stick around and both of them got carries. At least keep him as a backup. If Cobourne is injured and Payton is gone, then what?

It is also another spot on the former coach's regime that he tried to convert Cobourne into a linebacker, cause he didn't think he was good enough to be a running back...

I believe Colbourne earned the first string position with his outstanding game against Hamilton. I did expect, however, that Payton would remain with the club although he has proven to have injury problems. The Argos might be interested in Payton.When Kerry Carter has played he has demonstrated good ability to move the ball and will give the Als good backup strength.

Maybe Popp had overpaid him? We knew players were going to be cut. The next guy who may get the hook might be Reggie Hunt.

That's what I believe as well. I don't think the Als can afford to keep him on the roster.