Payton done in Montreal

I like the guy but his work ethics have been questioned.

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I don't think it would be smart to let him go. That's just me.

im surprised they havn't tried to put a shmoe's jersey around his neck.

Edmonton might be the only team looking for a RB and they can just pick him up for nothing when he is released.

I’m with ryoon, its really early for the Als to commit to Cobourne and Imoh. Payton showed up at camp 15 pounds lighter and ready to go but got injured out of the gate.

I guess they can’t have 70 players on their roster for ever.

I didnt think he was that good anyway. They got some plublicity from his name. They obviously want more of a all purpose back in their offence.

Surprising yet not surprising. He had a couple good games last year but seems to be injury prone

Blocking is a must. Cobourne and Carter did that exceptionaly well in week one.

Agreed, Cobourne looks like he can carry the mail for the Als. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Payton turn up somewhere and be pretty successful as well, he's no slouch.

He runs hard, but seems to be injured alot, and he's a fumbler.

He may hook up with someone else, but seems forever doomed to be a stopgap kind of guy - just filling a role until the next guy can be found.

I wonder if he gets his chance because of the name…then they realise the name alone cant score TDs

I am happy that Cobourne is getting his chance. But, why did it take three training camps for someone to realise he was good (Mathews and Popp). Popp actually tried to convert him into a linebacker last year.

I guess our offensive guys this year (Trestman and Milanovich) know what they are doing (I believe so).

I feel the Al's are making a huge mistake if they let Payton go. Remember Ian Smart, yeah we had him.

The best running back on the Al's plays linebacker, Diamond Ferri. He was a running back 2 years ago with the Arizona Cardinals. Avon good, but Diamond's better. He's an unbelievable athlete if they give him a chance I'm sure he will make them look smart.

Guess it just proves that just cuz you have the name doesn't mean you can live up to it.

I just don't think it right to compare Jarrett to Walter. It's Walter's son, it not Walter! I guess I get tired of people assuming that because his dad is Walter, he's going to play just like him. Would you want to be compared to your dad? Get off his back!

I'm not saying he is the reincarnation of his dad or that he should be as good as cuz he's his son....

I was mearly making the point that just because u have the name that doesn't make you a what other people thought

plus i'm way better than my dad so let the comparisons begin lol

Its wrong to use the name to compare the 2 but its just as wrong to have doors opened for you because of the name

And it's also wrong, as our talking heads on both TSN and CBC were wont to do last year, to mention UPMTEEN times during a broadcast that he's Walter's son. Once was sufficient, thank you very much.

That i can totally agree with you on....whats next the a 2nd cousin of Russ Jacksons uncle?

What is the status of Jarrett Payton?

He has been released:

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