Paying officials full time wages

Obviously the officials are part time but what if we made it their job... Full time?
Spend each day of the week working on reviewing plays and making themselves better officials.
Here's my math on this which I'm sure must be way off since it makes too much sense.
Each ticket holder kicks in an extra 25 bucks per seat.
My calculations work out to an extra 3.3 million dollars and if my estimate is right that would work out to $117,000 for each 28 officials.
Decent coin for a temp 6 month job.

I know it must be way out of wac because it makes too much sense but if not....

... And to add to that, TSN adds at least 2 more cameras to cover instant replays.

There is no such thing as a "stupid" idea. Even if not practical, throwing something out there (as you did) sometimes does lead to a workable solution. Mankind (and Womankind - and whatever else Henry Burris is :stuck_out_tongue: ) all too often is held back because people are afraid of ridicule. Those who do make fun of ideas truly are not smart enough to come up with their own and have to bring others down to alleviate their feelings of inadequacy.

Don't worry, I am now off my soapbox. As you were....


I wouldn't support such a surcharge on my tickets. At many stadiums, that could be as much as a single seat (albeit in the nosebleeds). IMHO the league should take some of that sweet TSN money and do what you suggest, but NOT at that salary level. They don't DESERVE that amount of compensation yet...

Just to be clear, the 25 bucks is for the entire season, not per game. Make them full time employees during the season. Bad officiating is a serious problem.

So essentially only season ticket holders get charged, not a hope in hell of this flying. Do you really think that the teams like the Riders who have a season ticket base of 28,000 kick in more than any of the teams in the east who all have smaller stadiums. Has to be funded equally by all teams.

Just tell them to stop throwing flags!
When in doubt, don't throw would think that is the easy decision.
They seem to over complicate things and throw too many flags!!
Let the excitement happen, don't squash it!
When in doubt, Don't pull it out!!

you do know that NFL refs screw up just as much...donchew

you're being silly.

My numbers were based on 15,000 season ticket holders per team.
Walk ups can also be charged.

You base this on what?

the same amount of bitching and complaining about refs on nfl boards over the last 20+ years

I have No problem with paying officials Full-Time wages they should be, however the calibre of professionalism must improve greatly from High School Refs currently to Professional standards.

The CFL has High School level refs who must first understand the rule book and know what to call and when to call it and keep a level playing field amongst teams.

To many times this season has an exciting play like a Brandon Banks return been called back on a so called penalty that wouldn't even stand up in High School football standards.

First introduce Professional level Refs and officials to the CFL than give them Full-Time Pay!!


And how exactly do you get professional level refs without paying them?
You understand that paying them as full time employees creates a professional work product through training..... Not the other way around.

Not a horrible idea at all. 117 is a bit too high, 60-70k is a good number.

Id suggest the owners foot the bill for the first few years during the growing pains, if there is an improvement than id gladly pay extra on my seasons for it.

Ryan, sounds good to me .Then it's only 15 bucks out of our pockets...I'd gladly pay that .

Edit: 15 bucks works out to $72,000 each and that's without surcharges applied to walk ups.

...and I want TSN to kick in extra cameras.

I would NEVER support a surcharge on tickets in order to pay the Officials. This should be initiated by the League with the funding coming from advertising, television, and revenues from their partners. Too many people have difficulties in paying for tickets in the first place, never mind the obscene Ticketmaster surcharges. The fans have paid enough, time for the League and its partners to cough up the dough...

That is the answer to paying the Refs!!!, Advertising on the Refs!, The Flags could have advertising on them, the striped shirts could have Tim Hortons emblazoned all over them,
The ref could announce penalties as a Tim Hortons Offside penalty, Purolator Pass Interference, Canadian tire no yards, etc.
These Officials could rack up the $3.3M in no time. :wink:

And how has that worked out out for ya so far?

So what your saying is additional 15 bucks a season which is less than 2 bucks a game is not worth it to you to have a presumably better officiated game?... Wow!

PS... I would have paid 15 buck cash last weekend for the Touchdown penalties correctly called.

I aswell Geoff. Maybe even 25 :thup: