Paying attention to thing


Does it bother anyone else the helmets that uses are consistently a bit wrong? The Rider helmet for tonight's game has the old wrap-around logo, and oriented completely wrong (on the helmet, the pointy end of the black bar where the wheatstraws are is always on top). Look at a left side view of a player from last season. Just got lazy on this one, took the regular logo and stretched it into a wrap-around.

All of the teams have been displayed with black facemasks too. Not sure if any other teams have switched things around, but you would think the CFL would want to make sure everything is an accurate portrayal at all times, right?

From the marketing department who brought you week one US programming....

It's annoying.

Considering that they seem to be unable to add avatars for all teams, or more than two choices for some, I'm not surprised. Most forums allow you to use your own images for avatars, I'm not sure why they don't let you do that here.

Yeah.. it makes you question the committment to the product, at least to a degree. Not that that's the only thing wrong with the website (click on the homepage from this forum window, and you're seeing the version from a week or two ago).

How often would you find even the cheapest kid's replica helmet with a wrong logo (or wrong colour facemask) at an NFL event?

Reminds me of low-level minor league hockey, where one fans replica jersey looks different than the guys on either side of him, the logos are a little disproportionate, etc...

Which is the league striving to be? You can't commit yourself to excellence in some facets and mediocrity in others. And you can't say "give it time" when it's the oldest professional football league in existance.

I'd like to know who at the league offices just doesn't care...

i believe this is the department run by a man only known as KANGA...haha

So thats where he went! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: