Payback time!

with possibly the biggest game of the 2006 season this afternoon, it comes as no surprise that the Argos are already playing the injury card to its fullest. And granted they have some key injuries, its time for Hamilton to get some redemption. I remember the first game of the season when the boys in blue were being accused of running up the score late in the game and it was chalked up to the point differential in case of a tie. Well I think that if it comes down to it today Lancaster and co. shouldn't be afraid to put points on the board and take advantage of the decimated argo lineup, cause who know's maybe the point differential is going to be crucial this season?

The Ballard Cup race is very much on the line still. The Argos have a 10-point lead on us, so it's incumbent on the team to try to make up for that deficit.

If the game is well in hand and you have your backups in there, I don't have a problem with having your team try its best to perform, no matter who is in the lineup in that context.

The Ricky Williams late-TD push in Game 1 was the Argos trying to run up the score with their starters with a minute left in a won game. Different deal, longer memory. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,