Pay players $250 per game

Paying the players $250.00 per game (American) ends up as $1,000 a month would be the same as the Indoor Football League.

Players practice no more than 2 times a week. They work service jobs during the week.

That's how the league survives without changing the rules.

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But the best players are Americans and they wouldn't be allowed to take service jobs. They wouldn't want to play in Canada for $250 per week. You would be left with CIS calibre players and very few fans would want to watch, fewer would pay to go to games. TSN ratings would plummet and no ad revenue when ratings drop.

are you equating the CFL to an indoor football league?

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But it would be a Canadian game and have much more diversity.

Right...and get out of the way of the stampede as American players quit their regular jobs for a chance of a better life in Canada :rofl:

$1000 per month???
Minus taxes and living expenses?

You would have a tough time getting a U Sports kid to sign for that, forget about US college players

250 a week ? You're joking right ? They're playing football , not delivering pizzas or door to door flyers . So just placing it out there but is there any chance that maybe you ate some paint chips when you were a kid ? :crazy_face:


I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or if you’re peeing on the national anthem.

Why even bother?

There’s nothing on tv.

You're better off watching paint dry than have a discussion with some people here

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I'd be interested in seeing what would happen if they went the other way. Go after a couple of highly touted college grads. Maybe one or two per team. Spend more to create more interest and go from there. Instead of the other way around.

Not certain how many Canadian kids would play for that money ... seems like a semi-semi-pro approach


How about gift cards, Canadian Tire money and a couple cases of empties or postdated cheques? That's one way to save money :roll_eyes:

The best way to end ridiculous threads, is to not respond to them

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