Pay per view/Blackout

What do all you guys think of instead of having a blackout, sell it on pay-per-view with non-local games still being free. This would help the teams bottom lines as well if they replayed the games, I could maybe see a game or two (I work wierd hours and the only games I can see are the Sunday games). Maybe charge like 10 or 15 dollars or something. Just a thought. I honestly don’t think this would affect revenues cuz there is nothing like seeing a CFL game live in the stadium

I think that’s a pretty cool idea! I don’t really like listening to the home games(one’s that get blacked out) on CJOB… I’d be sitting in my bedroom, with the radio on, listening to my Blue Bombers…While they’re playing at the stadium…Sigh…Also, im not sure if I will be going to much games this season
Hopefully atleast one…I did go to one last season…(2004) When Daily was playing his first game as the head coach of the BB’s agaisnt the Eskies…and the win was one of the seven wins for the Bombers last year :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I think that would be a cool idea - having pay-per-view… so you can watch your team play in their stadium on the t.v. … instead of going to the stadium to have to watch the game! p.s. - watching the last game of the year with the bombers agaisnt calgary - made me so happy :smiley: why? because it was on t.v. and the game wasnt blacked out