Paul NOT the problem

HI guys and gals

I believe Paul McCallum could be a little bit better, but he is not the problem with the riders. 2 more kicks and he would be over 70 percent. Slow start. We did not play perfectly against the argos at the end of the game. It is a team sport. Lets use this thread to express our thanks to Paul McCallum for being a good kicker in the past and for the good kicks he will get in the future.

Yes… but he didn’t make 2 more kicks… so he is not even close to 70%… right now he sits at 54.54%… that blows… and to get him to 70% he’ll have to hit the next 6 in a row…

The talk of Paul missing has nothing to do with the 1 game they lost and everything to do with him playing poorly over all 3 games… including the 2 that were won… and yes it’s a team sport… but as i said in another thread about Paul… the kicker is one of the more important positions on the team… your kicker will score about 100 points more than any other one player on a team… and you need your kicker to be consistant whether you win or lose a game.

So sure… i’ll give him credit for a good career… but if he doesn’t turn it around soon he should take the high road and hang up his cleats… and if he doesn’t do that… the team will need to get rid of him… he is turning into a liability and no team can afford to have a kicker become a liability… they should be one of your biggest assests.

Had to look for an old McCallum Topic, didn’t want to start a new one.

Anyhow, McCallum was 2 for 3 against the tabbies. not bad considering the one he missed was the center’s fault. McCallum’s smart thinking may have given the rider’s the win though. In the third when his snap went high and McCallum kicked the ball through the end zone and giving hamilton the safety could have been a turning point for hamilton had he not done that and either jumped on the ball giving hamilton good field position or had hamilton recovered it and ran it in for touchdown, then they may have lost the game. In today’s game, McCallum was definately an Asset. GOOD JOB PAUL

gppg to hear that he played well… now if he can just keep it up