Paul McCallum

Ok...He is signed somewhere...not saying where
Milo was not at practice
at the end of practice they indicated there was an announcement coming

Reading into...sure...there are piles of injuries to discuss and a 4th QB coming...but pretty interesting

Annnnnd....he is a Rider

Warn the neighbors to stop fertilizing.

I think we all knew Milo was going to be on a pretty short leash this season…I am surprised 1 game into the season and 1 miss made that move happen. I think Paul will be cheaper than Milo…that is a nice bonus…and I think Early will handle 40+ yarders…so that is a nice way to work him into doing all duties long term. Paul aslo offers better insurance on all duties in a pinch…2 kickers who can do it all if need be.

I think that Chamblin wanted to give Milo more time, but with the kicker injuries around the league meant that if they waited another couple of weeks he may not be available. Even O'Neill will be punting for the Cats tomorrow.

The move makes sense. Milo vs McCallum the range is about equal, but McCallum is proven to be solid accurate over the past several years and he's the kind of guy who will not miss when the game is on the line. As well, with Early punting and kicking off, they only need him for field goals. Also, given the stage of McCallum's career and the marketplace at the moment, he would not have accepted the PR or the paltry paycheck that comes with it. They would have to activate him to get him. And I'm also certain that with Swayze Waters getting 6 gamed this week and the Riders playing the Argos next this hastened the move! :thup:

I agree.

Oneil did well punting. It is a fine pickup for a ratio punter for the Cats. His FGs were not super, and he has had some level on inconsistency in punting, but he is definitely a serviceable punter.

I'm good with the move. Solid, proven guy. Plus it gives fans a chance to show him that one ignorant manure hauler does not a whole fan base make.

[quote="depopulationINC"]I think we all knew Milo was going to be on a pretty short leash this season...I am surprised 1 game into the season and 1 miss made that move happen.

actually 2 , missed from 40 penalty, moved up 5 yds to 35 and missed again for a single point.
but first game after the preseason he had he should be allowed 1 bad attempt ?
is Chamblin back up to his last year philosophy of you make a mistake and your gone,
if this is the case defense in for big changes ? but D is Chamblin's .

I copied this from TSN web site, must be a typo ?
ball on 28 , with a 48 Yd attempt

1st & 10 Wpg33 Kevin Glenn incomplete pass intended for Rob Bagg defensed by Bruce Johnson.
2nd & 10 Wpg33 Kevin Glenn incomplete pass intended for Chris Getzlaf.
Wpg0 Penalty: Defence on Winnipeg (Chris Randle) 5 yards.
3rd & 5 Wpg28 48 yard field goal attempt by Chris Milo is NO GOOD (Single).

yeah, it must be. I recall laughing that it was only a few yards more than a convert attempt. It does say Wpg28, so it should be a 35 yard FG attempt


You called Milo being cut after 1 game and Paul coming in? I recall prairiedog72 saying something along the lines of if he wasn't around 90% a few weeks in to give McCallum...which is basically where I thought they were heading as well....I am not shocked by the move at all, I simply didn't think it would happen this fast, but as others mentioned...league wide injuries elevated the need to make a move sooner if they wanted to pick him up. I think most realized Milo was on a short leash...he had a fantastic camp but missed right off the hop...if there were not other injuries to kickers i think we would still see milo for a couple weeks to see where he was at.

Called it back on June 6 of training camp.

(To which you replied his return was unlikely)

this is calling it? ok

Yeah, based on camp...when you posted was unlikely...Milo was nothing but money in camp so i didnt see him coming into camp

That's not what Chambin said during his interview today, in fact he said he didn't have confidence in Milo during camp from what he saw. That is why they brought in Paul and Chamblin says he now has confidence in the kicking game.

I guarantee that Paul won't be blaming a new holder for his kicking either.

I was at basically every practice in camp...he looked like the best FG kicker in camp by a fair margin. Like i said...didnt finf it likely to see McCallum signed for camp...he was not going to come in to compete for a spot at this point in his career...he was going to wait it out and simply sign when a team felt they were in a pinch. There were multiple teams in a pinch 1 week in so the Riders swooped in sooner than they probably would have normally. Personally I am happy Paul is back in town...he is a fun guy. as for not laying criticism on the holder...most will give a PC answer on it...same as most players in most situations...much different behind closed doors when they pull the 2 in a room with the ST coordinator...that is simply reality. McCallum definitely has the experience that these types of things would not effect him as much when they happen

I was at every practice as well. I think Early was just as good as Milo. That being said, being the best kicker at camp was some pretty low hanging fruit.

Early has the strongest leg for doubt...but he was middle of the pack for hitting them. NCAA/NFL kickers don't deal with the wider angles that a CFL kicker that will take time. I believe he will kick some of the longer ones...this is great because the longer ones are not the sharper angles so it will be easier for him to get used to that...if he evolves nicely to the wider field he could eventually be doing all 3 for sure...and he has a superb guy to watch and learn from now...great situation really.

And the Riders get yet older again.... I like Paul don't get me wrong but seriously are we trying for the oldest team ever fielded in the CFL? No I wasn't happy with Milo's performance last year and no I wasn't happy about the game he had against the Bombers but seriously can anyone not see we are heading in the wrong direction for the teams future?

I get that Taman is feeling pressure after last year and I get that he is trying to play it safe and get proven veterans but what I don't get is what is his plans for the team down the road? Does he have any or is he only thinking about the here and now?

Paul is statically a better kicker then Milo and from 30 to max perhaps 38 yards he should be money but anything longer then that we will either have to count on Early or punt. Now here is my question, if we have to rely on Early to try the longer field goals then why not just use him period? Why go out and pay more money for a guy that can be used only in very limited situations? i just don't get the rationality behind this move. Where is the logic behind it? Where is the future behind it?

It just seems to me that both Camblin and Taman are only worried about today and to hell with tomorrow. Signing both Tino and Paul shows every indication I'm right. Instead of committing to Smith and look for another young gun they go back to an old stand by mean while this does nothing to address the situation for the future. The same goes with Paul.

Again if Glenn goes down were toast anyways this year as Tino proved last year he couldn't get the job done. What has changed since then in managements mind? I mean they cut Tino because he showed what he can do or more like can't do so what has changed so much since then? Durant going down? Sorry that is a poor excuse to bring Tino back. I said it before we should go with Glenn and Smith and get another new young body in town, the key word here is NEW. Get Smith completely involved in every aspect of being a starter in case Glenn does go down even for a game. Get Smith in games as much as possible even if Glenn is perfectly healthy. Give Glenn a rest and keep him fresh for the long season.

As for the kicker situation, unless they are thinking of having Paul retire as a Rider and then move him into a coaching position again I think this is just delaying the inevitable and wasting time and money.

I honestly think that both Taman and Chamblin are so concerned about the here and now that they are giving little to no consideration about tomorrow. I understand for them if the team does not win here and now there may not be a tomorrow for either of them. That is still a very dangerous path to follow because when tomorrow comes and if they are still around they will have no one young bodies to pick up the reigns.

Most teams that have continued success have a healthy balance between old and new. As it sits right now that scale is tilted way off to one side and its certainly not on the new side.

I don't think bringing in McCallum is a bad move at all. Yes he is in his 40's but it hasn't caused his game to drop off. We still have Early and bringing in Paul allows Early to still develop without a trial by fire. Kicking is especially important now with converts being moved back, and that's right in Paul's sweet spot range. I wouldn't say that long field goals are out of his range either (he hit from 48 last year with lots of leg left on that particular one), plus it keeps a Canadian on the roster. I'd rather the administration concentrate on developing Canadian receivers, linesmen and d-back where age is going to be a bigger factor in the coming years.

Don't care in this instance. Sure, he is older, but he is a kicker and still has leg. I mean, he was a West All-star last season. This is not about the future...they decided Milo is not the what does it matter who they sign age wise...there was no Canadian better available...Mark passed on a contract offer...ifield has his rights held....Oneil was cut because he is better at punting but worse at FGs...who do you recommend as a Canadian replacement? The future is in Early and maybe a future draft....McCallum is a top notch guy for Early to learn from and provide strong consistency on shorter kicks where Early still needs to get used to the angles (as mentioned earlier)...not seeing this as an issue at all in this situation...and he is likely cheaper than Milo...age is fairly mute on this one

If Glenn goes down who says Tino is #2? We don't know how Smith will pan out...nothing says they would be done at all...Glenn talked about it today...look up his video...he was 4 games into his career and he had to come in because of injury...and he is hammering that into the other ready


age is a lot less relevant for kickers. He might not have the full power he once did...but he is still coming off an all-west season and was the top kicker last year.