Paul McCallum

Signed, not announced where yet lol

He is back in Saskatchewan!

Wow...I did not see this coming, but Milo has been to inconsistent the last couple years

Actually, when Swayze got hurt and the Argos are the next opponent I thought ... hrmmm, it's one less kicker available for the Argos. Then when the Cats signed the beard it meant that Toronto REALLY would be interested in McCallum. It will be interesting to see who kicks for the Argos this week.

Argos signed someone a couple days ago

The way Rider fans ran him out of town I'm shocked he came back.

It was 11 years and 2 regimes ago and he's put himself in the hall of fame since.

Besides, not all Rider fans ran him out of town. Many were sad to see him go, myself among them.

it seems as if a few of the other fans, not the true Rider fans keep bringing this incident up,
welcome back Paul.

Well, it WAS a rather infamous incident. :twisted:

...yes it was but it is long past being actually relevant...

The veterans experience is relevant to the job - glad to see Paul McCallum back in greenandwhite :slight_smile:

Obviously it wasn't all Rider fans, however, they did egg his house, dumped manure there and sent death threats. Some to his wife.

Not the kind of thing you tend to forget, nor your run of the mill bashing for a bad play/game.

Ya,ya, missed kick by McCallum and the GREAT Rider fans will be dumping schitt all over his lawn again. Gotta love Rider fans!!!

Yes we are all like that. Every man jack of us. :roll:

If you need to believe that to keep the bar low for yourself you do what you have to do.

You mean the two so-called fans that did this? And that's representative of all Rider fans? Right. Of course he's coming back because he knows better than to be silly enough to taint Rider Nation by the acts of two people. :roll: tough stuff for Rider fans.

Two? Two people? Two people that were arrested. How many threw eggs? How many other threats of all kinds were made that didn't involve arrests?

No, it was not all Rider fans, but you really want to write this off as the acts of only two individuals? :roll:

How many was it then?

Just two? Don't a lot of fans there throw a lot of watermelons around too not just eggs? On TV you see people in the stands with pieces of watermelon stuck on their head not just eggs................. :roll:

We also enslave a prairie dog to become our mascot. Completely annoying having to walk through that PETA protest every time we go to a game.

It HAD lost it’s relevance but now that he’s headed back there it’s relevant once again…and now it’s highly ironic!