Paul McCallum

See what Paul wants to do ,, sign him up for a one day contract and let him retire in Green,, maybe some sort of kicking coach position possible..

I’m thinkin the load of manure on his lawn may still be a burning issue in his mind, lol. I’ll be surprised if he signs in Sask to retire although…now he’s pissed off at BC…who knows, tough position to be in I guess.

I just don't really see the practicality of even bringing him in. First lets be honest Paul is no spring chicken and the most he would probably play is one season. Second he doesn't have the distance especially for here going into the wind. Third I don't think you would get him for a bargain bin price and frankly to use up more cap space on him would be a waste. Forth yes his accuracy percentages were best in the league last year but playing indoors certainly is going to tilt that a bit. Fifth imagine all the bad publicity if we cut him loose especially after the whole manure thing.

I just don't see a real upside to going down that road. Best case scenario is he would be fairly reliable for converts and about the same length field goals but anything much longer and your taking a real chance. Worse case is the hit on cap and lets face it at his age an injury is more likely to happen besides as I mentioned the black eye if we decided that it wasn't going to work out and cut him .

Too many younger prospects available with a much lower salary hit and the fact they can be with the team for a much longer time frame.

I have no issue of signing him as a coach period and in fact that would be the very best route to pursue. He can train and teach the young guys his methods and knows what goes on inside a kickers head. No pressure on the team then as far as cutting him goes and in fact it would be a nice gesture towards mending fences. Riders probably have it in the budget to afford him as a coach and no cap hit. That to me makes the most sense as far as having him back here.

Paul will be an easy phone call for a team that should happen to have a kicker injured.

This. :thup:

Ottawa bound?

Could definitely see it. They need to make a move there. Heck, he might be able to pull double duties there still.

Well, when I began this thread I only thought it would be for a one day contract and retire in green

You know that most of Paul's misses have occurred indoors right? Even with the swirling winds at Mosaic he has never had a problem putting it through the uprights there when dressed in orange.

An enclosed stadium is not without it's challenges as well. They are not always closed and can get some pretty wicked swirling when they have the roof open.