Paul McCallum

Great season but check out his passer rating... Is it possible to get any worse...haha ... 1/type/reg

FYI... Scroll to the bottom of the page....
No wonder we don't have any Canadian QBs.

Didn't realize Calvillo had over 5,000 yards this year.

We certainly do not want AC to retire before his time, but it would be nice to see what McPherson could do with an entire season as a first stringer?

I bet McPherson is the highest paid or close to highest paid backup in the league. :?

How does McCallum's completion record in any way, shape or form, have any relation to Canadian Qb's? Using that same logic, Weston Dressler's passing numbers would indicate Canadians are great quarterbacks.

Where is that sarcasm font when you need it.

Sarcasm is unfortunately not as easy to convey online as it is in real life. We've normally got body language and voice tone to hint at sarcasm, but online, the best we've got are emoticons like :stuck_out_tongue: and :wink:

Why is the passer rating showing up as negative? By design, the lowest possible rating is 0.

My thought is; 2 pass attempts that are incomplete is 0, so two passes intercepted becomes negative perhaps?

The part of the passer rating formula that measures interceptions is
as long as the part inside the square brackets is between 0 and 2.375, so it does go down as the interception rate goes up, but only to a point. If it's less than 0, then d is set equal to 0. That way, d is always at least 0. The other factors that go into the rating are completions/attempt, tds/attempt, and yards/attempt. The contributions of these to the rating are also all at least 0. So the passer rating is always at least 0 too. I think whoever programmed the formula forget to account for the case where d is less than 0.

If you ever find it, could you add it to your sig? That would restore my faith in humanity.

Is it maybe diferent in the NFl/NCAA...then in the CFL/CIS

It can always get worse. Both interceptions could have gone for touchdowns.

Dressler is not Canadian this is really a flawed statement

He's from North Dakota, same thing. :cowboy: