Paul McCallum

He's asked to be released because he is Po'd Whyte is the kicker Buono is going with now that he's off the nine-game list. 3 year contract extension signed, Buono isn't releasing, but has told Paul he can shop himself out if he wishes, or just retire.

I can't blame him for being upset, but (in the word's of Ray from Trailer Park Boys) "that's the way she goes boys, that's the way she goes".

Anyway, I can't see anyone wanting him, we're quite obviously fine, wouldn't want him even if we weren't, can't see him going anywhere. He may just have to zip his lip and suck it up.

End of McCallum in CFL? Looks like it. I feel bad for him, aside from the WF duff, he had a pretty good overall career.....

Too bad for Paul but I see this as Wally preparing for the future.

I would not be surprised if Winnipeg makes a bid on him. Like the Riders, they have two roster spots for both punter and place kicer and their place kicker is also an import. Serna has been doing okay at place kicking, but the punter, Renauld, is only so-so right now.

This also depends if they are able to draft CIS PK Rob Maver, who I think the Bombers just may in the second round of 2010 if he is still available (which I think he probably will be early in the second round). This kid will be a good one and any team that gets him next season will be fortunate. I hear that he already has pro level leg strength and he is even getting some interest from the NFL.

I don't think the Riders will go after McCallum or draft a kicker next year. I think they are happy with Luca Congi's place kicking, (although he started out rather iffy this season) and Jamie Boreham is a favorite among the coaching staff. They may also bring back that kid they had the beginning of the season, Perri Scarelli, who is having a good year with the Regina Rams. He impressed Kavis Reed and I noticed that his average distance for punting this season is getting up over 40 yards which is pretty impressive for a university punter. There is also a kid kicking for the Saskatoon Hilltops Jrs, Chris Bodnar, who looks like he may be a good one too. He has also impressed Duane Ford.

I was sad to see McCallum run out of town. He was delightfully eccentric and I think for the most part, the team liked him and although he was never a great kicker, he was always a reliable one till that one nightmarish field goal attempt in Vancouver.

Bombers won't be interested their kicker is doing fine kicking 53 yard field goals, not sure where he would go if anywhere all the teams have decent kickers.

The work he did for Kidsport was huge.........

I know there's a mutual hate between Rider fans and McCallum due to one particularly missed field goal and the unfortunate aftermath... but isn't there an unwritten rule about not losing your position due to injury? Wally's sure a class act....

Count me out as one of the Rider fans who “hate” McCallum because of one missed kick…come to think of it, I’ve never spoken with another person who “hates” McCallum one iota…and if he holds the actions of a couple insane meatheads against the entire province, that would make him a petty man…quite frankly, I think he’s better than that…

As for Wally being classless…agreed.

very well said! :thup:

sometimes a player who replaces you because of an injury becomes such a good player that you can’t remove him! it would be like telling the leading scorer of the league, “oh our main man is back, you can go back up to the booth”

I think Paul would want to play for a team where his family can see him play. Since after beer can gate, he said Mosaic was a bad place to play and he would never bring his family there again. LoL oh Paulie u crack me up!

Wally let Dave Dickenson play after coming back from injury, even though the CFL MOP was on the team...why change that game plan now, Wally? :slight_smile:

LeFors might have an interesting perspective on that unwritten rule…but of course there’s no question of classlessness in Winnipeg… :roll:

If McCallum is wise, he'll stay in shape. Bet ya dollars to donuts that a kicker gets injured before the end of the year. Then he'll get another shot. Now is not the time for McCallum to burn bridges.

Paul should keep his mouth shut and enjoy collecting his salary and be a good reliable backup. Right now that is all he would be with any other CFL team anyway.