Paul McCallum

They said he had a knee injury. If McCallum is hurt bad what do the Lions do? Who is there next kicker? Do they do like Hamilton and get an American kicker?
Kicker Paul McCallum suffered what appeared to be a torn MCL. He will have an MRI tomorrow, but head coach Wally Buono said "It does not look good." - TSN
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K/P Sean Whyte is on the practice roster because of the "canadian content" clause. They didn't have any non-imports left on the practice roster, so they put him on there and paid him just to stand around. It might help them out by giving them somebody to work with.

Sean Whyte is looking like a better kicker then Macallum . Far stonger leg , much younger , looked very accurate in TC . To many Lions fans , hate to say it , but this looks like a positive for BC from a stictly football perspective . Wally's hand being forced here is a good thing . Whyte should have got the starters job from day 1 , don't understand WB at times , seems to get in rut with some long in the tooth players (while being the opposite with many others), being afraid to go with a new guy. Macallum seemed to get the starters job by default this season , like he was a security blanket for WB or something , kinda like that playing not to lose mentality instead of playing to win.

Wally could offer McCallum, once he is healthy again, to the Bombers... say, for a draft pick or futures.. :wink: Bomber fans are always complaining that they need a kicker...

Whyte looks pretty good. If McCallum can't make it back I'm not too worried. He is a great punter but his place kicking isn't what it used to be.

From the article it sounds like Whyte is an import, so I'm not sure he's the long term solution.

Whyte is a non-import . Check roster yourself here , he is on the injured list , but I beleive he is only there to hide in order to remain on the roster. Watch him come off this week.

Bombers don't need him....Marty York reports that Troy Westwood was seen practicing Field Goals at a local High School. Could he be back? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Well, if Marty says so...

Only because it hasn't been posted here yet, but TSN is reporting that McCallum has a torn MCL and PCL in his right knee. He'll be out for 6-8 weeks but will not require surgery. Hopefully the surgery will improve his accuracy, he has been awful this preseason and regular season.

And a broken wrist. The old man is getting brittle.

Actually, if they decide to go the "surgury route then McCallum is done for the season.

Its a rebuilding year, so why not give Whyte a shot?

If you read today's paper you would see that Whyte is getting his shot . I think Macallums career is done . 39 is getting up there even for a kicker .

Id say hes done he had a great career, maybe come back as the punter or just kicking field goals for the remainder of the year if Whyte struggles in one area.

Yeah, I saw the paper in the evening. I figured that would be the way they would go. They hid him well on the practice / injury roster.