Paul McCallum

I just want to say how CLASSY Paul was at sask. He is the S==t what a clasy guy.

I was at the game on friday it was my stag and my dad has a prostectic leg from an accident 26 yrs ago and thaugh that it would be funny to bring a old leg and write on it.

It said McCallm heres a leg you can kick an 17 yd field goal with. He saw it during warm ups and he laugh then after the lions beat the riders we where walking buy and Paul was there we asked if he could sign the leg and he did and said buy the way it was 18 yd. Then posed for a Group photo with us man that was my highlight on the night . What a classy guy

That was you? I saw that! Im in section 2, like right on the 20 right behind the disabled people.

McCallum is probably the only pro-athlete who I would enjoying hanging out with.

I think he has both a very dry and clever sense of humour which hints of intelligence.
Some of his facial expensions he gets while on the football field are priceless.

It is also good to hear that he can be a nice guy as well. I have alreadys liked Paul McCallum.

I heard Paul on the radio doing an interview.
He said he was walking downtown before the BC game in Regina. . .
and some guy told him: "18 yarder! I'll never forget it!!!"

Paul's reply was : "That's pretty sad. You should forget it"

Everytime Mcallum comes to regina, he does impressively well. Anybody who has harsh feelings for Paul Mcallum . . . Let it GO!

Good luck Paul.

What a great story!

ya i was the one with the accual rider jersey

Paul is pure class. It's truly a shame that the 04' final went that way. Too bad he won't be remember in the same fondness as Ridgeway.

Yeah that is too bad. I like Paul. He seems pretty nice.

PS:It's my birthday! :smiley: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: