Paul McCallum now kicking with a tee

I’ve just noticed as of June 16th that Sask has ask McCallum to kick with a tee now. Just curious if there are any kickers out there who can explain if this will help him or not.

Alls I know is that its much easier to get the ball down for the holder without a tee. Will this also effect the ability of the holder on holding better or worse??

u mean he's using a tee on field goals?

Yea, he has always just kicked off the ground, but I guess the team has told him they want him to use a tee.

thats stupid IMO

Allot of F.G. kickers in the CFL use a TEE.......this is done because of the wide CFL hash marks where the ball is placed for the kick.

In the NFL they don't use a tee , because the hash marks are much closer to the center, making it easier to kick a F.G.

But the TEE isn't like the bigger kick off TEE , and is really more of a tiny platform , with little hieght.

This is actually the first time I’ve heard of any CFL kicker using a tee on field goals? Doesn’t sound like there is a lot of confidence in McCallum theses days.

POOR guy......he went through hell last year.

it seems like telling your kicker to change his style like this would just throw him off. but i guess with a little practice it won't be much to adjust to, and get comfortable with.

I have to believe McCallum's days are numbered and he is only a few missed field goals away from a trade. Maybe just what he needs? Some of the fans of Saskatchewan will not let him forget.

I know our HS Football team uses a tee, it actually shouldn't be called a tee because it really has no resemblance to a kickoff tee at all except for the fact that it's black. A Field Goal Tee is just a piece of rubber about an inch thick and 5 inches wide. it is placed in front of the holder the holder catches the snap and places the ball on top of the piece of flat rubber it creates a smoother kick since you get all the ball and the turf or grass won't interfere with the flight of the ball.

are we talking like a flat FG tee, the one thats just a peice of rubber to hold the ball upright

Most CFL kickers use a tee. The only reason Paul did not, is because he had NFL aspirations and there they don't use them. As far as I have heard, the tee is being used to simplify the holders job as we have been having some issues in that department as of late. And for the record, Paul is still one of the CFL's most accurate FG kickers.

Go Riders!!

He missed a few FG's in preseason, wonder if he had the tee when he was kicking? Of course the 1st game by the way it sounded on radio nobody did very well with all the rain.

Personally I like paul and think he'll pick up his game and take revenge on the bad kick in the playoffs.

Then again it was him that started the whole 6 win streak that got us in there anyways, so I say let him kick how he wants.

You wrote that well…better than me. :wink:

Yea...most fans in ANY sport won't let a bad mistake be forgotten, but yet they quickly forget the years of success that he has had, and as always....I say to people like that GET OUT THERE AND DO A BETTER JOB!

I think most FG kickers in CFL, CIS, CJFL use the black platform that Jeremy describes.

I've never paid attention in the NFL. Now that Hello There mentioned that they don't use it, I'll have to look closer. I thought that they used it too!

Hey, 4-4, but really 3-3 i geuss it worked