Paul McCallum nervous about returning to Regina!


According to Marty York Paul McCallum has been shanking kicks all week apparently nervous about returning to Regina to face the Riders. York went on to say that McCallum was experimenting with earmuffs to stifle the noise and mosquito repellant!


Why would he be worried? Turkeynuts this is pathetic attempt to make a post. But seriously why would he be nervous? He has a GC ring unlike his ex team. Oh yes I am not to remind you of that. This is not nice.


He's about as nervous as Rob Murphy is of Braidwood's Dad.

"... the only thing pathetic around the CFL is the Stamps- 49-8 (yuk, yuk , yuk yuk!!!!)

Riders rule
Stamps drool!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that ring is so heavy he might be off balance when kicking.

Ah yes, Turkey is on another fishing expedition.....again.....

The only thing nervous in Regina TB are the sheep, and maybe your turkeys :wink:

Paul Ain’t nervous.
Dont talk shank about McAllum cuz just might go 6 for 6 in Regina, maybe more.
Either way, Sastachewan D will pull through. (so says I, whatever that is worth is up to Y’ALL)

looking back over the last 18 yrs, I can really see how the Riders have Ruled. Wowie wowzers. Totally awesome is the only way to describe all those grey cup wins.

and if you go back 40 yrs, its gets even better. Holy cow I am just blown away by all those cup wins. Who in sports has been their equal?

I doubt McCallum is that nervous...

I'd put the Riders up there with the Montreal Canadiens and all their cups-best fans in the CFL -that is why the Riders are Canada's team!!!

Riders Rule
BC Pussycats will Drool!!

p.s. good line Sportman about McCallum being off kilter with the weight of his ring!!! Good one!!

They better hope he dosen’t miss. Becuase it’s the only way they’ll score. Dickenson will be shudown by are great D. :rockin:

Well lets see. Montreal has won the cup about 25 times (I lost count). 10 times in the last 40 yrs. Yup riders sure do compare to them :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this guy for real?

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
I know the fans are passionate but... oh gosh, I hope Saskatchewan fans aren't a national Canadian symbol.

i think its a good matchup but rider fans dont be too cocky because B.C is a good team and calgary could have just been playing crappy

No i know it will be close. I'am just razzin some of the lions fans.

milty, Calgary couldn't just "have been playing crappy".....they WERE playing way they bring that effort to the table again, imo, and I fully expect the Lions to be scrutinizing game tape and bringing a close game to Regina.....


The Riders should be the ones bringing their A game and gunning for the BC Lions who are not only the same 2-0 as the Riders, but defending Grey Cup Champions I must add.

Gonna be a dandy.